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Sterling Date #1

We walked back to my apartment.  It was a good idea that we had walked since we had a few drinks. We talked a bit as we walked.  We went out the balcony overlooking the pool.  It was a cool night. We looked out over the pool and made some small talk.  Sterling was an interesting person.  I had never met someone with that name before.  His straight light brown hair often falling in front his eyes.  I looked over at him and our eyes locked quite unlike any connection that we had all evening. I looked at his lips and I felt a perceptible surge in my pants.  I looked at his lips and I made no attempt to hide it.

“I want to kiss you,” I said.

“What’s stopping you?” he replied with a smile.

I stepped closer and landed my lips on his.  It was a short kiss.

“How was it?” I asked.

“I could go for more.” he replied.

We kissed again. Soon it progressed in to a full make out session.

We moved to the living room and onto the couch.  I pulled on his shirt and pulled it over his head.  He had a trim toned body and a smooth chest. I noticed that he had no underarm hair.

“You shave your armpits,” I said. “I love that”.


He was not a muscular guy more of a slim type. He as half leaned back on the couch and I edged half on top of him.  My thigh landed directly between his legs and up upper thigh pressed right on his crotch area.  I could feel his firmness underneath and could not wait to get to it.

We kissed as I caressed his chest and nipples. I moved my body up to his and my hard jeans contained cock pressed on his outer thigh.

He put his hands on my shoulders, caressing my neck as our tongues meshed. I passed my hand over his body, chest, and stomach.

I took my shirt off and Sterling leaned up and licked my nipples.  I held his head as he did, caressing his back.  I felt his hand go lower and he fumbled with the button and zipper on my jeans.  I shifted to let him do easier.  I stood up and he got my jeans open.  I was not wearing underwear and when he slid my jeans down, my erect cock spring into view.


Sterling kissed my stomach.  His chin bounced against my raging cock. He held my buns as he kissed around and soon I felt his kiss land on my cock.  He did that for a while until I pulled him up to stand face to face.  I kissed him and I undid his jeans.  I unzipped him and eased them off him. He was wearing boxers and his cock made a huge tent.

I chuckled. I slid my hands onto his bare ass and squeezed. Then I slid his boxers down.  When I saw the bare glans of his cock pop into view that almost made me cum on the spot.  His cock was absolutely beautiful.  It was circumcised neatly and was angled up.  It’s color was exquisite, with a purplish pinkish head.

I held it and squeezed. He moaned.

We sat back down on the couch and continued to kiss and stroke each other.

I felt myself getting ready to cum and he must have sensed this as he slowed to a more deliberate stroke.  Cum shot out of my cock and it landed on his chest and stomach. While cum pumped out in spurts, Sterling held my cock and squeezed it.

I continued to stroke him and he panted more until I felt his cock start to throb. I squeezed his cock and spurts of cum shot out.  I aimed it at my face and I was quickly drenched.