First for Zeke

It was mid morning, just after nine. I went over to my Aaron’s house which was a few doors down from mine. He lived with his dad who had been out of town for a few days. Aaron is a reasonably responsible 18 year old. He had a small party the night before but everything was fine. I had left around 2 AM. I went back to see if they were all good. I knocked a few times and got no answer. I went around to the back and found that the sliding glass door wasn’t locked. I entered with the idea of going to Aaron’s room to wake him up. As I walked past the the guest room, I noticed a bare butt staring right at me. I froze. It was a nice butt. I had to stare. I wondered who it was. I got closer and I could see it was Aaron’s friend Zeke. He was laying face down, only the top half of his torso covered leaving his legs and butt clearly visible for my pleasure. His right leg was hiked up on a pillow which had the effect of spreading his cheeks a little. When I realized that I could actually see his butt hole, I was very surprised. I had a devious idea.

I remembered Zeke very well from the previous night. He was medium height, with straight sandy, light brown hair. We had talked some. I tried flirting with him but he didn’t take the hint very well. I did get him to admit that he might consider playing with another guy. I recalled asking him if he had ever been rimmed and when he said no, I told him what and amazing experience he was missing.

I got close to his face and whispered. “Zeke, Zeke, I’m going to eat your ass now.” I had to repeat this a few times and he roused a little, shaking his butt and pushing it out. Message received.

I moved in and started to kiss his cheeks, moving closer to his center. Eventually, I parted his cheeks and saw a most amazing pink pucker. It was beautiful. I kissed and it reflexively winked. He let out a moan. I kissed his hole and when I finally stuck my tongue in, he made enough noise that I knew he was enjoying it. I was having lots of fun tonguing his ass and playing with his balls. I guess his straightness was on vacation. With my tongue buried in his hole, I grabbed his cock. It was leaking. I smacked his cheeks a few times. The moans that came from him were surprising.

“What are you guys doing?” I heard from behind.

Zeke, who had been in a state of semi-sleep, suddenly jumped, grabbing the covers and pulling it over him. I turned around, somewhat freaked myself.

“I saw what you guys were doing,” Aaron said. “I’ve been watching you for a while.”

Why was he watching us for a while. I would not have cared if he wanted to watch and masturbate. What was he going to do, blackmail us? A light went off in my head. He wanted to join us. I could play along.

I got up and walked to him, saying nothing. He was wearing a t-shirt and boxers. I took hold of his boxers and rapidly pulled them to the floor. He had a fully hard cock. I smacked his cock playfully.

“Get on the bed,” I said with authority. “Ass up.”

He obeyed. “What are you going to do?” he said with a nervous pitch in his voice.

I smacked his ass then I slid my hand towards his hole. His head popped up like a frightened deer. “Head down,” I said. Again he obeyed. I spread him, then spit on his hole. His cock throbbed when I did. It looked like he was ready to shoot. Maybe he had been stroking in the hallway while he watched us. I slapped each cheek lightly and he moaned each time, causing his cock to throb. Tiny droplets of pre-cum dripped from his tip. “You really should never sneak up on horny people,” I said.

I had ignored Zeke temporarily. He had been quietly watching. I pulled the cover away from him so he was clearly viewable. I didn’t want him hiding. I stuck one finger into Aaron and I heard a whimper. I fingered him and his stream of whimpers continued. Next I made Zeke get right next to Aaron in the same position, head down, ass up. I got a finger into him too and I fingered them both. When I buried my tongue in Aaron, he moaned just like Zeke did before. Here I was, a tongue in Aaron’s ass and a finger in Zeke. I switched, my tongue to Zeke. I saw Aaron reach to stroke his cock while I was fingering him. I smacked his ass and told him not to do that.

Next I made them turn around. I wanted them to take turns sucking my cock. I went to Zeke first and he readily took it into his mouth. He was a bad cock sucker and I told him so. I then switched to Aaron. Apparently, he didn’t want cock in his mouth. Too late for that. I pulled his head near to my cock, brushing the head against his lips. But he kept his mouth closed. I slapped his face a few times, telling him to open up. It didn’t take long until he parted his lips. As he gingerly licked the tip, I praised him for being a good boy. I made them take turns. Each of them got a minute or two.

I thought about where I would cum. Down one of their throats? In their ass? On their face? Deep in someone’s ass it would be. And seeing that it all started with Zeke, he would be getting the load.

While Aaron was sucking my cock, I made Zeke eat Aaron’s ass. Ass only, I reminded him. Do not touch his cock. Then they switched. Again, Aaron was hesitant. I had to coach him and in the end pushed his face into Zeke’s ass. They were both really bad at blowjobs.

I was really enjoying dominating them, even though their technique was terrible. I was getting ready to have some ass. Then it occurred to me that I had no lube. I asked Aaron if he had any and he said no. Of course he didn’t. He was uncircumcised and those guys don’t need lube. Zeke said he had lube at home. That was no help. As much as I really wanted to fuck them, I couldn’t. Aaron suddenly left the room and came back with a squirt bottle of lube from his dad’s room.

I got Aaron head down, ass up and I positioned Zeke underneath so he could see me enter his friend. I told Zeke he could suck Aaron’s cock if he wanted. I set about lubing Aaron’s ass and it was really tight. I could easily get one finger in, but two was not easy. I did notice that whenever I slapped his ass, it seemed to loosen for a second. I think Zeke was disappointed he wasn’t going to get cock first.

I bumped the head of my cock against his pink hole until I felt it allowing me in. I pushed and started to force my cock in. He put his hand back as if to stop my progress but I moved it. I pushed into him and his entire body tensed. I knew it would be a challenge for him until he got accustomed to it. I stroked him slowly, pushing in deeper and he let out what was almost an animal grunt. I plowed him steadily until I could sense his body had relaxed.

I made them switch. Zeke jumped into position with enthusiasm. Getting my cock into Zeke was easier. I fucked him slowly and to my surprise his body started shaking uncontrollably. Boy had an orgasm. Zeke was the better fuck. He reacted to my moves and overall it felt better. I worked up a faster pace and as I started shooting I pushed in as deep as possible. When I eventually pulled out of him, I made them sixty-nine each other, rimming, not sucking cock. I don’t know if Aaron got any cum from Zeke’s ass because I had dumped so deep. He already had cum on his face from Zeke. The two of them really got into eating each other’s ass. I realized that Aaron didn’t cum. Oh well. Not everyone gets to have an orgasm.

I had to break them apart. I think if I had left them they would have spent all day eating ass.

I said I had to leave and they were disappointed.

“How did you like it?” I asked them. “You can be honest.”

Zeke piped up. “Best sexual experience ever.”

Aaron was more hesitant. “It was ok. Parts of it were really good. I’d do it again though.”

I left very satisfied. I had converted two new sluts in record time.