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Moment out of Time

Sometimes there is a moment. A time when things just go in a direction that no one can foresee. It’s like someone just shakes up all the game pieces of life and they land in arbitrary places. They eventually get back to their place but for a while they find themselves in uncommon territory.

I met my cousin at the club. He had a new girl named Jean. She was cute and he was so preoccupied with her. It was then that life’s game pieces got rerranged. I spotted her. No not my cousin’s girl. Her. The lady in the red dress. She looked back over at me and I could swear she was looking right at me. This was not possible I thought. I’m not making a fool of myself.

Every now and then I would look over and there she was looking back. It was not that dark. It was light enough for me to see that she was stunning. The dress hugged her curves and I saw her dancing with some friends and the way she moved was poetic.

I went to the back room of the club. It was quieter. This club back room had a reputation. I had never witnessed it myself but I heard that couples got it on back there. There were drapes all along the walls and they could go behind the drapes for a little privacy.

As I walked along the corridor, I heard an unfamliliar voice behind me.

“There you are,” she said.

I turned and to my astonishment it was her. Red dress lipstick and all.

“Hello,” I managed.

“I’ve been waiting all night for you to talk to me.” she said.

I had no answer. What could I say?

“You aren’t here with someone are you? Gay?” she asked.

I laughed a little. “No. Neither”

She stepped closer to me. I took a deep breath and caught a tiny sample of her perfume. I knew I was hooked. Her hands caressed my face, the scent was stronger. She kissed me, then smiled and whispered, “Your lips are soft yet strong.” She kissed me again caressing my arm. I was under the influence of Love Spell perfume, and I wasn’t aware that I moved her arms around my neck as I wrapped mine around her waist. As our tongues intertwined, my dick grew so hard. My hands caressed her ass and it was soft like a marshmallow. I squeezed harder, and she started to moan.

The planets were no longer in alignment. I have no idea where the sun was going to rise.

I looked around to make sure no one was looking and I pulled her behind the drapes. She pulled my hard dick out and started to stroke it as she licked her lips. I looked up at the ceiling, and I felt her warm breath followed by the slurping sound I love so much. She spent a few minutes teasing my cock with her lips then taking it into her mouth. Her lips slid along my shaft.

I grabbed her by her arms and pulled her up close to me. I bent her over, pulled her skirt up and pulled her thong to the side slid my dick into her sweet, tight vagina. I wanted to go fast and hard but euphoria was a strange place. I entered her slowly just the tip at first each stroke getting deeper and deeper. She flipped her hair and I saw that dimple as she bit her bottom lip that look alone temporarily tempted me to climax, but I pulled her close to me wrapped my arm around her and submerged myself in her deeper.

Her legs trembled, her cheeks turned red. She broke away from my grasp pushed me down on the ground. I was at attention ready for anything. She straddled me, as I entered her she lifted her shirt I sucked her nipples and gently nibbled on them. Her body felt like it was on fire as she rode to the tip of my dick and all the way back down. I felt her sweet juices which slid down my dick as she rode faster and faster.

As I felt her tight pussy around my dick I sucked her nipples a bit harder, and her whole body shivered.

“Oh shit,” she moaned as she twisted my nipples.

That bit of discomfort made my dick grew another inch in her. She rode the tip of my dick for a while legs trembled again she sunk her teeth into my neck.

I couldn’t hold it anymore, all of my excitement left me in a hurry as she whispered, “Give it to me baby.”

She stood up as my residue dripped out ” give me a minute”, she moaned. I stood up kissed her pulled her hair a little as I felt her body quivered. She pushed me back down and showed that beautiful smile. She started to walk away I heard her stumbled before the door opened. That made me feel great that she was satisfied. Pants around my ankles I left euphoria now I was in ecstasy.

During the next few weeks I was still in amazement that the woman never showed up anywhere. My cousin teased me that he never saw any woman in a red dress.