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Olivia by the Stream

Her name was Olivia. I never knew she lived just up the street from me until I met her at friend’s house one Friday night. I’m not one to push too hard. We talked and I really enjoyed the conversation and her company. We exchanged phone numbers.

Later that night I texted her. I was surprised when she answered me.

After that, we talked off and on but she was never home and it was tough to meet up with this girl. Olivia was about 5’5” with darkish hair. She was a slim girl with a decent figure and smallish breasts. She had the cutest face with thick lips that just looked luscious.

On an off chance I called her Friday to see if she wanted to go out. She was busy but said she would be free Saturday afternoon. I thought we might go hiking and she was into it. She liked nature and so it was.

I dropped by her place and off we went. We actually lived very close to a small mountain which was a natural forest. It wasn’t very challenging as far as hiking ws concerned. No one ever went hiking there as far as I knew and I had always wanted to try.

We walked from her place and I did my best to get behind her at times so I could see her ass sway.

“Are you looking at my ass ?” Olivia said without looking back.

“Yes.” I replied. “and it sure is fine.”

She spun around with a smile and tagged me in the arm.

I caught up and walked beside her.

“You always look at girl’s asses?” she asked?

“As much as I can.” I replied.

We got to the end of the road where the forest started. We had to fight our way through some brush then we got in a little deeper and it was like a private hall. The trees covered the sky and the ground was covered with leaves and it sloped upward. We walked on easily, talking as we went. We were close and I reached out and took her hand. She gripped mine and our fingers intertwined. I didn’t want to let go. I looked over at her and she had this blushing smile on her face.

We stopped to take a drink and we stood facing each other. My eyes drifted from her lips to her eyes and her breasts and then back again. She looked up at me. I moved to her and I saw her move to me. Then I kissed her. She melted into me. It made my heart beat faster. I put my hands on her hips and coaxed her closer.

She stopped and smiled at me.

“That was interesting.” she said.

We walked on and she became more flirtatious. She giggled and bumped into me “accidently”. When she stopped to climb over a fallen tree I got close up behind her until my body touched hers. She looked back at me and paused. I smacked her ass.

“You will have to do better than that” she said.

“Oh you want it harder?”

“I always like things harder.” she replied. “If you are going to smack something then do it like you mean it.”

And with that she bolted off with a laugh. I chased after her and she tripped and fell in the leaves. I held my hand out to help her up and she pulled on it and made me fall. I landed up on top of her. Our faces were inches apart and I could not resist planting my lips on hers. her arms were around my neck and she kissed me hard. I felt her hips moving.

Rolling around in dead leaves may seem romantic but in reality it isn’t.  We got up chuckling. I pinned her against a tree and kissed her again. I had my hands up her shirt feeling the bare skin of her back.

“We are filthy,” she said.

“I know.” I replied. “I think Crystal Stream is not that far.”

“You know what we could do?” Olivia said.


“Hike naked.”

I pulled off my shirt and started getting off my boots so I could do it. She started laughing.

“You are really serious aren’t you?” she said.

I reminded her that it was her suggestion. My boots were off and I was unzipping. I looked at her in anticipation. My boots off, I unzipped and took my jeans down leaving only boxers.

“If you were just kidding then it’s too late now” I said.

“No it’s not. You still have your boxers on.” she laughed nervously.

“Ha” I said and slid my underwear off. There I was naked as can be. “Well?”

She looked me up and down, smirking when she eyed my cock.

“It’s ok, you can look at it,” I said.

“Oh I’m going to look at it all I want” she said.

“Look, touch, whatever”

She pulled off her top and undid her bra. She did not seem nervous at all. Her breasts were so cute but I decided to hold off on any comments. She took off her sneakers and then her hiking shorts. She was wearing sport underwear that gripped her body like a skin.

“Here goes,” she said as she slipped them down revealing a totally naked Olivia.

“Well, there you go,” she said. “I hope you are not disappointed.”

“Not in the least,” I replied. “Now let’s try to find the stream.”

I put our clothes into my backpack and we hiked on. At first I could not take my eyes off her naked body. What a tight ass she had. She could use a pubic trim in my opinion but I was not complaining.

“I wish I had shaved” Olivia said.


“Yeah, I usually do but it has been a while and it is time consuming.”

“Do you see me complaining?” I said as I smacked her butt.  I pulled her to me and kissed her lightly first then more passionately. My hard cock was wedged between us. Her breasts were pressed into me and I thoroughly enjoyed their softness.

We kissed for a while and my cock was going crazy. We walked on some more and got to the stream. It was a tiny thing, not much more than a trickle. We sat next to it and cleaned ourselves up. She took some water and splashed it on me. It was so cold. She smeared it around my chest and stomach then her hand touched my cock. It jumped. She leaned down and took it into her mouth. It was so warm my mind reeled. She pleasured my cock with her mouth for a while.

“Olivia, that feels awesome. You are so good at it.”

She stopped to look at me as if to answer and I pulled her up to me and kissed her. Her softness was nestled up against me, my arms around her and we kissed. I reached my hands down to her ass and I alternated caressing and squeezing her wonderful globes. I pulled her on me so I could get my hand between her legs from behind and let my finger tease her pussy. I could just reach it and I teased her opening.

Olivia repositioned her body and got her legs on either side of me, so that I could aim my cock right at her pussy. The tip slid against her opening which was slick with her juices. She eased onto me and the indescribable sensation overcame me as my cock slid into her ever so slowly.
She moaned out loud. “OH Kyle, you feel so good.”

We were not really moving, just enjoying the moment of my cock pushed in as deep as I could manage in that position. I squeezed her in a tight hug and she shuddered.

I bucked my hips and started to get a little pump action going. She moaned as I did.  I slid my cock into her repeatedly while she moaned and alternatively kissed me and leaned her head back with eyes closed biting her lip.

When she kissed me, her mouth was hot and she pressed her lips hard on me. She held me tightly as she let out a loud moan, her body tensing. She continued to ride me, placing her hands on my chest and bouncing up and down on me.

She leaned in to me and whispered in my ear. “Tell me when you are going to cum.”

I gripped her waist, guiding her body rhythmically up and down on my pole. When I felt myself getting ready to cum, she bounced on me a few more thrusts and then she quickly got off me, started stroking my cock and licking the tip. When I shot, she squeezed it and cum shot all over her tongue and face.

Journey to Slut Chapter 10

I realized it was time to break the news to Howard. I had to admit that Todd owned me sexually and it was going to stay that way as long as Todd wanted. I had no illusions that Todd wanted a real relationship with me. I was his sex toy, one of his sex toys.  But he had a hold on me sexually and that was the way it was. Todd had got me to experiment sexually in a way no one ever had. He effortlessly dragged me into a wider sexual world and there was no going back. Since I met Todd, I had been fucked in public, licked another girl’s pussy, been fucked in the ass, gave blow jobs to an entire room of men and I’m considering getting my clit pierced. I already had the appointment. It was just a matter of if I would show up. A few months ago, none of this was possible.  I made up my mind that when Howard came back from his next business trip I would tell him. I knew Howard well and I had an idea how it would go. Or how I wanted it to go. There was really only one way and I knew I could be happy with it and I believed Howard could be too.

When I sat Howard down he already knew he was about to hear something big. I just told him I was having sex with another man. He was shocked but excited. His friends told him that it was happening but he refused to believe them. Then I let him know that I had no intention of leaving him. He asked me if it was over  between me and my lover. No it wasn’t. It might be some day and I have no way of knowing if that day was a week away or a year. Todd owned me sexually so I do whatever he says. And Todd didn’t care if I had sex with Howard so long as Todd was serviced first. Howard could have what was left. I told Howard that big changes were taking place for both of us.

 I was getting enough cock from Todd but I wanted more orgasms. Todd got his orgasm and sometimes I did not. So I explained to Howard we would start by him eating my pussy and I meant often. Howard had tried it once but never did it after that. I told him how Todd had several guys lick my pussy and all of them said how wonderful it was.

Howard asked me if I liked Todd’s fucking better than him. I looked him in the eye. Honesty was important here. Brutal honesty or this would never work. Of course he fucks better. I answered. i graphically described how Todd just takes my pussy by storm. In fact I felt I was getting closer to cumming just from him pounding my pussy like a bulldozer. His jaw really dropped when I told him Todd fucked me in the ass. “You let him do that?” he asked.

 “No. I didn’t let him Howard.” I replied. “I don’t let him do anything. He takes what he wants”

I pulled up my skirt to show Howard I wasn’t wearing underwear. I spread my ass cheeks to show him my less than virginal backdoor. I saw Howard’s eyes glint.

“That’s not a pleasure for you honey,” I said. “That’s just for Todd and anyone else he wants in there. You’re not even allowed to put your finger near there.”

I spread my legs and told him I was waiting for his tongue. Fow now all he would be doing is licking my pussy and giving me orgasms. He could masturbate to make himself cum after I had enough orgasms. How many were enough? I don’t know. At least three. And if I don’t get at least three orgasms, then Howard does not get to cum at all.

“So I can’t fuck you?” Howard asked.

“For now no honey.” I replied. “Todd takes care of that.”

“You mean he said I am not allowed to fuck you?”

“Oh Todd doesn’t care.” I replied. “That’s my decision. And for now I’m telling you that’s off limits. Finger me while you lick my pussy but no intercourse. I may change my mind a few months down the road. You should just focus on getting your tongue good at licking my clit”

Howard got down and eagerly licked my pussy and until I had two orgasms. I noticed him starting to stroke his cock and I reminded him that I must have three orgasms or no orgasm for him.

The next morning I woke up and Howard is trying to nuzzle over to me. I pushed him off and told him I need to start my day. I saw that he had quite an erection. I had to leave but I knew he would stroke it. I was going to have to figure this out because it was not going to work well.

When i got home later that day I was reading about how to control my man. I needed ideas. They advised that Howard’s cock be locked up and I keep the key. I didn’t want to do that. One person wrote on her blog that if an orgasm is to happen then it is best for the woman to stroke the man and not let him stroke himself. And do it quickly, do not prolong it.

“Get your man into the bathroom and near the sink. Take his pants down and have him bend over so that his cock was pointing into the sink. Lubricate and insert one finger into his anus and use the other hand to stroke him steadily until he ejaculated. Once his ejaculation sequence starts, let go of his cock and let him cum while he cock has no stimulation. This was known as a milking with a ruined orgasm. The idea was for the ejaculation to happen such that the semen was ejected but with no significant pleasure wave. It would feel good but not terrific.

When Howard came home we talked some more. I explained to him that I thought he and I would have intercourse once every one to three months. Other than that all orgasms must come from me only. There was to be no masturbation unless specifically authorized. And if he did, his intercourse privilege would be delayed a further month. And if he lied and I found out it would be delayed a further month.

He asked me how sex was with Todd. I explained to him that Todd was stronger and had a slightly longer penis and thicker too. And when Todd entered me it was no mercy. Todd wasn’t gentle. Todd demanded my pussy surrender to his battering ram whenever he wished.

“If you could just see it,” I said. “If you could just see it entering me and how I respond.”

“Well, can I?” Howard asked.

He wanted to watch Todd fuck me? It had never occurred to me. I really loved Howard and and if he wanted that and he could handle it, I didn’t see why not. It would take time but I was open to the idea.

“Maybe they are right,” I said aloud.

“Right about what.” said Howard.

I explained to him that the recommendation was to lock up his penis so he could not cheat and orgasm without permission. I explained the device to him. The penis was stuffed into it and locked. And he would have to earn the privilege to let it out once in awhile. I was not in favor of it but there might be no choice in this case. I told him to read up on it and if he wanted to go that way he would have to decide and tell me.

I then told him to come with me and we went to the bathroom. I made him face the sink and I unbuttoned his jeans. He got all excited when I pulled everything down and his hard cock jutted out. I gripped his cock.

“Seems like you did not get some release earlier like I thought you would. That’s quite good.” I said.

“He nodded. I’ve been super horny all day.” he said.

I reached for my hand lotion and got some on my finger. I held his ass cheek and let my finger wander in between. I felt his hole and pushed. It was tight but the lube allowed my finger to enter.

“What the fuck are you doing,” he said.

I pretended not to hear and gripped his cock and started stroking it at a good pace.

He moaned. Once my finger was in all the way I held it there. I noticed that he cock got a little harder. I picked up the pace a little and in no time her was shooting into the sink. I held his cock and aimed it at the sink forgetting that I was supposed to release it. Never mind, I will remember next time. The entire process took less than a minute.

“You see, it can be fun.” I said. “Even if we aren’t fucking.”

I made him get dressed and clean up the sink then we went back to the living room to continue our discussion.


Journey to Slut Chapter 9

Howard and I dated for 2 years and were married for three. He started hinting that I should go out and meet other people. At first I thought he just meant friends. It wasn’t until some time later that I understood he wanted me to date. I was shocked and it turned me off for a month. When I calmed down he gave me some material to read about women who were in relationships and dated occasionally. And all of them were dating and engaging in sexual activity. Yet they remained in their relationship.

I ended up talking to one of these women. Her name was Adelia. She told me about how she never intended to be sexually faithful to her husband even before they were married. She told him point blank that she loved him and wanted a long relationship with him but she fully intended to date and have sex with other men whenever she wanted. It was non-negotiable. He agreed. At first she did have the occasional fling. It wasn’t until she learned the one main rule. The outside lover should have a bigger cock than the husband. In her case that was not difficult. In her case she also insisted that her sex partners be circumcised. I’m not sure why. But that was what she wanted. She met someone who was a sexual dynamo. He was not a fun guy and treated her like a complete whore. But she had massive orgasms. It wasn’t long after that she was unable to orgasm when having ex with her husband. She would let him do it once in awhile but only after he used his tongue on her and made her cum several times.

Find someone who can really fuck she said. Try out different guys until the right one came along. It does not matter if they are totally ridiculous, so long as they can fuck.

After that, I started insisting that Howard eat my pussy more. I would sometimes text him on my way home from work to tell him to be ready to eat my pussy as soon as I got there. He would be so eager to fuck that it would last only minutes. I soon stopped letting him fuck me right away. I made him cool down for at least two hours then after another round of pussy licking then he got to put his dick in me.  It helped a bit and our sex life began to became interesting. 

I wasn’t dating anyone else yet. I got a message from Adelia. She and I had become better friends. A friend of hers was in my area and she wanted me to meet him. She advised me to have Howard make me cum with his tongue before I went to meet her friend.

Her friend’s name was Conrad. He was around 40, pretty muscular and average looks.


Journey to Slut Chapter 8

I got to thinking about how all this started. It was all Howard’s doing really. At least he prompted it. I started my sexual play in my mid teens. Bobby Dodson and I made out and groped each other in my back yard. I wasn’t ready for sex yet but he fingered me and I liked that a lot. The thought of his cock in my vagina was very intriguing but the idea of something that size going in there did not seem like an idea I was ready for. I gave him a handjob and I liked when I made him cum. After that first time, he was relentless. He wanted me to do it almost every day and I got tired of it. I had no idea of big or small cocks back then. I knew they came in different sizes but his was the first I touched and saw and I had nothing to compare to. Looking back he was pretty well hung. I could barely wrap my hand around it.

Then I dated Chad. I’m not sure I would call it dating. Be must have made out with half the girls in school including me. We went back to my place after a movie and made out on my couch. I was wearing a skirt and he slid his hand up my thigh. We kissed like mad and he rubbed my clit like an expert. It was my first orgasm and I didn’t really expect it. I was ready to return the favor when I heard someone moving around. My mom came down and made him leave. She was polite but I think she knew there was something going on. We texted each other after he left and he told me how horny he was. I let him know I was ready to give him a handjob but it didn’t work out.  The next day I went to his house and it was just him and his older brother there. We sat around and talked for a bit and I noticed him staring at my boobs. I told him I wanted to see his room. Once there he pushed me up against the wall and kissed me hard. This time I was wearing jeans and he moved his hand between my legs. I thought he had five hands because they were everywhere on my body. I put my hand on his bulge and I squeezed it.

“I think my cock is going to explode” he said.

I didn’t want intercourse and I told him that I did not want to fuck. He said he understood.

His hands were up my shirt feeling my boobs. Wow, that feels nice I thought. it was like a direct connection to my pussy. The more he squeezed and played with my boobs the more I wanted to him touch my pussy.  He pulled my shirt up to take it off and I freaked a little. “What about your brother?” I asked.

“Never mind him,” he said. Chad flipped the lock on his door and then pulled my shirt off. He kissed my nipples. That felt even better than his hands. My vagnia needed attention.  I undid my belt to give him a hint. All this time we were standing by the door to the room. Now he took me over to the bed and pushed me on it. he undid my jeans and pulled them off.

“You are so beautiful” he said.

I blushed. “Thank you.”

Chad undid his jeans and took them off.  He was wearing boxers and his erection poked out. He lay next to me and we kissed again. His hand found my clit and he again expertly brought me to orgasm. I rolled over on him half way and I slid my hand on his cock. While I kissed him, our tongues furiously intertwining, I stroked his length. It throbbed and pulsed. He tensed and it squirted several times landing all over his chest.

“did I do it right” I asked.

“Yeah. that was great.” he said grinning.

We kissed some more and his erection was still there. He rolled over on top of me and positioned his cock to my pussy. He started sliding the head along my slit and boy did that just feel like heaven. Then I felt ever so slightly his head start to make its way into me. My head was spinning and my pussy was flowing. I wanted him in my so badly but I just couldn’t. I pushed him off me and rolled over shutting my legs.

“What’s the matter?” he said, his hand on my shoulder. “That didn’t hurt did it?”

“No.” I replied. “I just can’t. I’m sorry. I’m just not ready for that. I told you we were not going to fuck.”

“I understand. But I’m so horny right now my brain is going to explode.”

I turned over and looked him in the eye then at his penis. It really was super hard. I kissed him on the lips and held his hard cock stroking it as I ran my lips over his. 

“You think you could … you know …” he said in a husky voice.


“You know, give a blow job.”

I thought about it for a second. His penis in my mouth. That did not sound like a pleasant experience.

“I don’t know.” I said.

“Aw come on. Just try it.”

I fended off his request for a bit and he persisted.

“Just try it a little. If you don’t like it you can stop.”

“I will try but I’m stopping if I don’t like it.”

I got close to his cock and I looked at it. This was the closest I had ever seen a penis. I could see the veins and the skin tightly stretched on his firm shaft. There was a color difference where his circumcision was done. He told me just to kiss the head which I did. I picked up a slight taste of salt as I did. It wasn’t too bad.

“Don’t you cum in my mouth,” I said to him. “If you do this will be the last time this ever happens.”

He pushed his cock at me, telling me to put it in my mouth. I let it in and he pushed more, trying to get it deeper into my mouth until it was hitting the back of my throat. I moved up and down on it and he kept trying to push it in more. I pulled away and stroked his wet cock a few times then took it back into my mouth. I used my hand and lips on him, while he moaned. I liked the idea that I was pleasuring him. I felt his cock tense and a squirt went off in my mouth. I pulled his cock out and held it against my neck as I watched him tense and cover my neck and upper chest in cum.

“Feeling better now” I said with a grin. 

“Yeah.” he said then shot me an eye. “I could go for more.”

I slapped his cock.

We laid there for a while and he told me how much he really wanted me and that he hoped we would do it one day. He asked me if I liked giving a blowjob. I told him I thought it was okay. For some reason I did not want to tell him how I liked the idea of giving him pleasure.  It just did not seem like he should know that. I let him know that I was not happy that he squirted in my mouth. Lucky for him it was just a little bit.

When i got home my sister was the only one there. As I got close to her she looked at me funny. She sniffed.

“Oh my God.” she said, her eyes wide with disbelief. “You smell of sex.”

I never blushed so hard in my life. I denied it but she looked at me with that knowing look. I explained to her that I did not actually have sex. She explained to me that because I didn’t have intercourse that didn’t mean it was not sex. I told her everything that happened.

“You better shower before mom gets home.”

I told her about the blowjob and asked her if she liked doing it. She told me she loved doing it. I wasn’t so enthused with the idea.

“Well, he sounds super horny like most guys are and they are determined to put their penis somewhere.” she said.

I laughed.

This went on for about three weeks. I never let Chad fuck me. He fingered me and he was the best at playing with my clit. I wondered why I never tried making myself cum. After a few weeks everything tapered off. He started paying attention to other girls and that made me mad. I guess it was a break up though it really was mostly a sexual affair.


Journey to Slut Chapter 7

Todd sent me a message to get away for the weekend. He gave me directions and I drove there for three hours to meet at a rural shop. I pulled into the stony dusty parking lot with the only thing in sight was several old pickups. I waited.

He showed up in a black SUV and made me get in. Nikki was sitting in front next to Todd and Gigi and Missy were in the back with me. We drove all of three minutes and Todd told us to get naked we would not be needing any clothes for the rest of the weekend. I asked Gigi if she knew what was going on and she said no. She was smiling so I guessed she loved the intrigue. I guess I did too. 

We pulled off the main road and drove up a long winding driveway through some trees finally arriving at a nice looking cabin. We were all naked but it was secluded so we had nothing to worry about being seen. Not that the other girls would have cared anyway.

Once inside, there were several other guys all standing around drinking beer and chatting. The made no comment when we came in except to look us over. Todd introduced us to them then he told the men that the girls would be naked for the entire weekend. He had some rules. Girls were to give blowjobs and make at least 5 guys cum each day before they could even consider having an orgasm of their own. I saw Gigi’s eyes light up. The rule was that the girls could only make the guy cum using lips and tongue.

Failure to achieve the 5 orgasms would result in a spanking.

Fuck, I thought. That’s a lot of cock sucking. I remembered the one spanking I got from Todd. I don’t want that to happen ever again.

Gigi walked right over to one of the guys, pulled his shorts down and started flicking her tongue on his cock.

Todd waved on of the guys over to me. He pushed on my shoulders, forcing me to my knees. The guy popped out his thick circumcised cock and brought it to my face. I closed my mouth and didn’t want to suck it.  I was a little mad at Todd. The guy held my chin and smacked my face lightly a few times. “Open ya fucking mouth sweetie.”

Again he smacked my face a little harder and i decided it was best to go along. I opened and let his cock into my mouth. He started stroking my mouth like a pussy though he was not going deep. He pumped my mouth and I could not keep up. It was overwhelming.