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Moment out of Time

Sometimes there is a moment. A time when things just go in a direction that no one can foresee. It’s like someone just shakes up all the game pieces of life and they land in arbitrary places. They eventually get back to their place but for a while they find themselves in uncommon territory.

I met my cousin at the club. He had a new girl named Jean. She was cute and he was so preoccupied with her. It was then that life’s game pieces got rerranged. I spotted her. No not my cousin’s girl. Her. The lady in the red dress. She looked back over at me and I could swear she was looking right at me. This was not possible I thought. I’m not making a fool of myself.

Every now and then I would look over and there she was looking back. It was not that dark. It was light enough for me to see that she was stunning. The dress hugged her curves and I saw her dancing with some friends and the way she moved was poetic.

I went to the back room of the club. It was quieter. This club back room had a reputation. I had never witnessed it myself but I heard that couples got it on back there. There were drapes all along the walls and they could go behind the drapes for a little privacy.

As I walked along the corridor, I heard an unfamliliar voice behind me.

“There you are,” she said.

I turned and to my astonishment it was her. Red dress lipstick and all.

“Hello,” I managed.

“I’ve been waiting all night for you to talk to me.” she said.

I had no answer. What could I say?

“You aren’t here with someone are you? Gay?” she asked.

I laughed a little. “No. Neither”

She stepped closer to me. I took a deep breath and caught a tiny sample of her perfume. I knew I was hooked. Her hands caressed my face, the scent was stronger. She kissed me, then smiled and whispered, “Your lips are soft yet strong.” She kissed me again caressing my arm. I was under the influence of Love Spell perfume, and I wasn’t aware that I moved her arms around my neck as I wrapped mine around her waist. As our tongues intertwined, my dick grew so hard. My hands caressed her ass and it was soft like a marshmallow. I squeezed harder, and she started to moan.

The planets were no longer in alignment. I have no idea where the sun was going to rise.

I looked around to make sure no one was looking and I pulled her behind the drapes. She pulled my hard dick out and started to stroke it as she licked her lips. I looked up at the ceiling, and I felt her warm breath followed by the slurping sound I love so much. She spent a few minutes teasing my cock with her lips then taking it into her mouth. Her lips slid along my shaft.

I grabbed her by her arms and pulled her up close to me. I bent her over, pulled her skirt up and pulled her thong to the side slid my dick into her sweet, tight vagina. I wanted to go fast and hard but euphoria was a strange place. I entered her slowly just the tip at first each stroke getting deeper and deeper. She flipped her hair and I saw that dimple as she bit her bottom lip that look alone temporarily tempted me to climax, but I pulled her close to me wrapped my arm around her and submerged myself in her deeper.

Her legs trembled, her cheeks turned red. She broke away from my grasp pushed me down on the ground. I was at attention ready for anything. She straddled me, as I entered her she lifted her shirt I sucked her nipples and gently nibbled on them. Her body felt like it was on fire as she rode to the tip of my dick and all the way back down. I felt her sweet juices which slid down my dick as she rode faster and faster.

As I felt her tight pussy around my dick I sucked her nipples a bit harder, and her whole body shivered.

“Oh shit,” she moaned as she twisted my nipples.

That bit of discomfort made my dick grew another inch in her. She rode the tip of my dick for a while legs trembled again she sunk her teeth into my neck.

I couldn’t hold it anymore, all of my excitement left me in a hurry as she whispered, “Give it to me baby.”

She stood up as my residue dripped out ” give me a minute”, she moaned. I stood up kissed her pulled her hair a little as I felt her body quivered. She pushed me back down and showed that beautiful smile. She started to walk away I heard her stumbled before the door opened. That made me feel great that she was satisfied. Pants around my ankles I left euphoria now I was in ecstasy.

During the next few weeks I was still in amazement that the woman never showed up anywhere. My cousin teased me that he never saw any woman in a red dress.

Olivia by the Stream

Her name was Olivia. I never knew she lived just up the street from me until I met her at friend’s house one Friday night. I’m not one to push too hard. We talked and I really enjoyed the conversation and her company. We exchanged phone numbers.

Later that night I texted her. I was surprised when she answered me.

After that, we talked off and on but she was never home and it was tough to meet up with this girl. Olivia was about 5’5” with darkish hair. She was a slim girl with a decent figure and smallish breasts. She had the cutest face with thick lips that just looked luscious.

On an off chance I called her Friday to see if she wanted to go out. She was busy but said she would be free Saturday afternoon. I thought we might go hiking and she was into it. She liked nature and so it was.

I dropped by her place and off we went. We actually lived very close to a small mountain which was a natural forest. It wasn’t very challenging as far as hiking ws concerned. No one ever went hiking there as far as I knew and I had always wanted to try.

We walked from her place and I did my best to get behind her at times so I could see her ass sway.

“Are you looking at my ass ?” Olivia said without looking back.

“Yes.” I replied. “and it sure is fine.”

She spun around with a smile and tagged me in the arm.

I caught up and walked beside her.

“You always look at girl’s asses?” she asked?

“As much as I can.” I replied.

We got to the end of the road where the forest started. We had to fight our way through some brush then we got in a little deeper and it was like a private hall. The trees covered the sky and the ground was covered with leaves and it sloped upward. We walked on easily, talking as we went. We were close and I reached out and took her hand. She gripped mine and our fingers intertwined. I didn’t want to let go. I looked over at her and she had this blushing smile on her face.

We stopped to take a drink and we stood facing each other. My eyes drifted from her lips to her eyes and her breasts and then back again. She looked up at me. I moved to her and I saw her move to me. Then I kissed her. She melted into me. It made my heart beat faster. I put my hands on her hips and coaxed her closer.

She stopped and smiled at me.

“That was interesting.” she said.

We walked on and she became more flirtatious. She giggled and bumped into me “accidently”. When she stopped to climb over a fallen tree I got close up behind her until my body touched hers. She looked back at me and paused. I smacked her ass.

“You will have to do better than that” she said.

“Oh you want it harder?”

“I always like things harder.” she replied. “If you are going to smack something then do it like you mean it.”

And with that she bolted off with a laugh. I chased after her and she tripped and fell in the leaves. I held my hand out to help her up and she pulled on it and made me fall. I landed up on top of her. Our faces were inches apart and I could not resist planting my lips on hers. her arms were around my neck and she kissed me hard. I felt her hips moving.

Rolling around in dead leaves may seem romantic but in reality it isn’t.  We got up chuckling. I pinned her against a tree and kissed her again. I had my hands up her shirt feeling the bare skin of her back.

“We are filthy,” she said.

“I know.” I replied. “I think Crystal Stream is not that far.”

“You know what we could do?” Olivia said.


“Hike naked.”

I pulled off my shirt and started getting off my boots so I could do it. She started laughing.

“You are really serious aren’t you?” she said.

I reminded her that it was her suggestion. My boots were off and I was unzipping. I looked at her in anticipation. My boots off, I unzipped and took my jeans down leaving only boxers.

“If you were just kidding then it’s too late now” I said.

“No it’s not. You still have your boxers on.” she laughed nervously.

“Ha” I said and slid my underwear off. There I was naked as can be. “Well?”

She looked me up and down, smirking when she eyed my cock.

“It’s ok, you can look at it,” I said.

“Oh I’m going to look at it all I want” she said.

“Look, touch, whatever”

She pulled off her top and undid her bra. She did not seem nervous at all. Her breasts were so cute but I decided to hold off on any comments. She took off her sneakers and then her hiking shorts. She was wearing sport underwear that gripped her body like a skin.

“Here goes,” she said as she slipped them down revealing a totally naked Olivia.

“Well, there you go,” she said. “I hope you are not disappointed.”

“Not in the least,” I replied. “Now let’s try to find the stream.”

I put our clothes into my backpack and we hiked on. At first I could not take my eyes off her naked body. What a tight ass she had. She could use a pubic trim in my opinion but I was not complaining.

“I wish I had shaved” Olivia said.


“Yeah, I usually do but it has been a while and it is time consuming.”

“Do you see me complaining?” I said as I smacked her butt.  I pulled her to me and kissed her lightly first then more passionately. My hard cock was wedged between us. Her breasts were pressed into me and I thoroughly enjoyed their softness.

We kissed for a while and my cock was going crazy. We walked on some more and got to the stream. It was a tiny thing, not much more than a trickle. We sat next to it and cleaned ourselves up. She took some water and splashed it on me. It was so cold. She smeared it around my chest and stomach then her hand touched my cock. It jumped. She leaned down and took it into her mouth. It was so warm my mind reeled. She pleasured my cock with her mouth for a while.

“Olivia, that feels awesome. You are so good at it.”

She stopped to look at me as if to answer and I pulled her up to me and kissed her. Her softness was nestled up against me, my arms around her and we kissed. I reached my hands down to her ass and I alternated caressing and squeezing her wonderful globes. I pulled her on me so I could get my hand between her legs from behind and let my finger tease her pussy. I could just reach it and I teased her opening.

Olivia repositioned her body and got her legs on either side of me, so that I could aim my cock right at her pussy. The tip slid against her opening which was slick with her juices. She eased onto me and the indescribable sensation overcame me as my cock slid into her ever so slowly.
She moaned out loud. “OH Kyle, you feel so good.”

We were not really moving, just enjoying the moment of my cock pushed in as deep as I could manage in that position. I squeezed her in a tight hug and she shuddered.

I bucked my hips and started to get a little pump action going. She moaned as I did.  I slid my cock into her repeatedly while she moaned and alternatively kissed me and leaned her head back with eyes closed biting her lip.

When she kissed me, her mouth was hot and she pressed her lips hard on me. She held me tightly as she let out a loud moan, her body tensing. She continued to ride me, placing her hands on my chest and bouncing up and down on me.

She leaned in to me and whispered in my ear. “Tell me when you are going to cum.”

I gripped her waist, guiding her body rhythmically up and down on my pole. When I felt myself getting ready to cum, she bounced on me a few more thrusts and then she quickly got off me, started stroking my cock and licking the tip. When I shot, she squeezed it and cum shot all over her tongue and face.

Journey to Slut Chapter 1

My name is Carolyn Winters and I’m married three years to my husband Howard. I started on a journey so long ago that seemed impossible. With each step I am in wonder that I’ve reached that far and think it is the end only to find myself being pushed past another threshold.

What was I doing here? This wasn’t the best neighborhood. Not that it was unsafe. But these were the cheap apartments. And here I was in my expensive dress and high heels at almost midnight. A few individuals were around dressed in street attire looking at me knowing full well that I was not supposed to be there. I didn’t feel unsafe but it was unnerving.

My phone buzzed. It was Todd, if that was even really his name.  It was a text message.  It said to go around to the back of the building next to the dumpster. As I rounded the corner, I saw the dumpster at the end of the parking lot in the back of the building. The light above it flickered on and off inconsistently. As I got closer, there was Todd, standing with a cigar. He was medium height like I remembered. He wore a tight fit t-shirt and jeans.  My heart skipped a beat. His torso oozed sexuality and I felt my lower parts quiver.

As I walked up to him, he reached over and grabbed my left breast with his right hand. I started to say hello and he just looked at me. I knew I just had to shut up. His powerful hand on my breast made excitement flow through me. he roughly fumbled with my breasts and I just stood there. It was as if he was trying to examine me and see how I would react at the same time.

He got a little closer and pulled my dress up. I reacted to stop him then caught myself. If he wanted to expose me to whoever was watching from their apartment I wasn’t going to stop him. My dress was up above my waist. He looked down and my black thong underwear. I thought he might like them. He pulled a knife from his pocket and cut the string on either side. He pulled the expensive thong panties away and tossed them on the ground.

“Don’t show up wearing panties ever again.  You think you might run into me, you better not be wearing any”

I nodded.

He looked down at me, turning my body to the light. “Shave that pussy hair off.  All of it. You can have hair on your head. No hair anywhere else.”

I don’t have much pubic hair to start with and even what I have is neatly trimmed and carefully manicured. I had never completely shaved it even though my husband Howard had suggested it many times.

He pushed me face up against the dumpster and he came at me from behind. I felt his hand on my bare ass as it slide between my legs and I felt his finger push into my now wet pussy.

“What a wet slut pussy you have” he said.

“I’m not a slut,” I pleaded.

“But you’re going to be one when I’m done with you”

Another finger entered my pussy and I could feel his thumb lingering around my ass hole. No one had ever put anything into my ass. Howard had tried a few times and even asked and I had firmly let him know that it was never an option. What I had never let my husband do, I was about to let a stranger have if he wanted.  I didn’t want anything in my ass. But if Todd wanted it then it would be his.

“You want something in your ass?” he said in my ear.

“No.” I replied weakly.

“No matter. You are getting it anyway” and with that his thumb poked at my anal opening.

It did not go in but made me jump.  He knelt down and pulled my ass cheeks apart and bit more roughly and he spat a wad of saliva right on my hole. Then I felt him ease in a finger. It was a totally weird feeling. It wasn’t unpleasant but totally new and I had no idea what to think of it. I grunted as I could only focus on the the unwanted sensation in my ass. He fingered my ass with the one finger until it satisfied him.

He stood up and held my chin, looking into my eyes.

“That won’t be the last time.”

He pressed firmly on my shoulders forcing me to the ground. He pulled my head to his crotch. I looked up at him and he just stared back at me. I didn’t know what to do.

“It’s not going to suck itself,” he said angrily.

I unzipped him and pulled it out. His circumcised cock was already hard. I started kissing and licking it. Despite being married for some time, I did not have much experience with blow jobs. I’ve done blow jobs off and on since I was 15. But I was never that much into them. In the six years I was married to Howard, I must have done it for him no more than three times. I sucked mundanely on Todd’s cock.

“Yeah, get that cock in your mouth slut” he said.

I didn’t like it when he called me that. I wasn’t a slut.

“Deeper bitch.” he said. “I like to feel my cock deep in your throat.”

He pushed his cock further into my mouth, holding my head so I could not pull back. The head hit the back of my throat and he held it there, trying to go even deeper. He was going to gag me. Todd fucked my mouth in small strokes. “Open that slut mouth wider.”

He tilted my head back slightly and pushed hard and I was suddenly swallowing his cock. I felt my eyes water and I gagged. I tried to control it and yet the reaction was violent. That only seemed to encourage him and he pulled out and shoved it back in. My throat was his pussy and saliva was everywhere. I gagged and almost puked at some points.  Then he pushed into my throat again and I gagged and puked. He held my hair and let me get over it. When he pulled my head back up he smacked my face.

He stroked his slick cock until he came on my face then he proceeded to wipe his cock all over my face.

“You didn’t like my finger in your ass did you?”

“Yeah, I did” I said with little conviction.

“Don’t lie to me.”

He had a growl in his voice

“It was weird. But I didn’t mind it.”

“I’m going to train you to love it.”

He told me to start rubbing my clit. I masturbated a few times but I was not that into it.

Ok now get some of my cum on your finger and push it into your ass. That’s it. Finger your ass and rub your clit.  Wiggle that finger around.  Keep rubbing that clit.

I started to feel sensations from my clit rubbing. It was somehow different than when someone else did it. The finger in my ass now added to the sensation.  I felt a little orgasm coming on and rubbed the clit even more until the orgasm overtook my body.

“Now go on home.”