“Hey baby”, Kurt said as he walked into his and Blaine’s two-story home. He had just finished grocery shopping and had both of his arms filled with bags of food.

“Hey sexy”, Blaine replied. He walked over and gave Kurt a deep kiss as he took some of the groceries from him. Kurt giggled and walked into the kitchen. Blaine stayed behind him and watched his ass the entire way there.

They set all of the groceries down on the island. Blaine went and sat in one of the chairs.

“How was your day?”,Kurt asked as he began putting away the groceries.


“Why was it so hard honey? What happened?”,Kurt asked. He put the last bit of food in the fridge and began to move to the cabinet to put up the canned goods.

“Nothing, except for the fact that I had to walk around all day with a hard-on”,Blaine said as he began to walk towards Kurt.

Kurt stopped mid-reach to close the cabinet. He turned around and Blaine was standing right in front of him.

Right in Kurt’s ear he whispered, “Do you wanna know why I was so hard? I was hard because all day all I could think about was you and your hot, tight pussy.”

Kurt grabbed Blaine by the back of his neck and kissed him. Blaine started to grab Kurt’s ass and grind on him. Kurt wrapped his legs around Blaine’s waist.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom”,Blaine said. Kurt nodded eagerly and let Blaine put him down. Blaine grabbed his hand and they ran upstairs. When they got to the room they immediately started taking each other’s clothes off. Blaine laid Kurt down on the bed and got in between his legs.

As Blaine starts sucking on Kurt’s neck he said, “Want me to eat you out? Want me to fuck you with my tongue baby?”

“Yes”,Kurt moaned. Blaine gave Kurt’s one last suck to his neck then moved down his body. He kissed down his chest and sucked on each of his nipples. Then he started to kiss down further until he got to the top of Kurt’s boy shorts.

Blaine looked at the front of them and noticed that they were soaked with Kurt’s juices. He looked Kurt in the eye and slowly started to take the baby blue boy shorts off. When he finally got them off he kissed Kurt’s mound. Kurt moaned.

“Don’t tease me, Blaine”

“Wouldn’t plan on it”, and that was the last thing Blane said before he dived between Kurt’s legs and started licking.

“Ughhh!”,Kurt moaned. He felt amazing. He loved when Blaine ate him out. He does it so fucking well! He started to push Blaine a little bit farther up to get him to suck on his clit. Blaine got the message and began to suck. Putting in his mouth and flicking it with his tongue.

Kurt screamed.

He dug his fingers into Blaine’s scalp as Blaine started to hum. The constant moans coming from Kurt’s mouth was like music to Blaine’s ears.

“Baby…..I’m gonna cum!”

Then Kurt squirted all over Blaine’s face. Blaine tried to swallow as much as possible, but most of it ended up on his chin and neck.

“Oh my gosh!”,Kurt said after he came down from is intense orgasm.

Blaine got up on his knees and took his boxers off. He had a very huge cock and Kurt loved it.

9 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide. Kurt loves to put it in his mouth so that’s what he did.

He started to suck on the head slowly then he started to take more. When he started to feel brave he deep throated Blaine and hummed.

“Fuck Kurt! You just love this dick. I’m gonna fuck that slutty pussy of your so hard.”

Blaine grabbed Kurt and pulled him off of his dick and made him lie on his back. He grabbed Kurt’s legs and put them over his shoulders.

“I’m gonna make you scream my name.”

That was the last thing Blaine said before he pushed into Kurt in one swift motion with no other preparation except his tongue.

Kurt loved Blaine’s huge dick and how it stretched him. He felt so full!

Then Blaine started to push in and out at a rough pace, not giving Kurt a chance to adjust.

“I would fuck you all day if I could.”

Kurt was still sensitive from his last orgasm, but it just made everything feel ten times better. He clawed at Blaine’s back when he sped up, trying to get a grip. Blaine was fucking him so hard he was being jolted up the bed. Then Blaine angled his hips just right and-


Blaine had hit Kurt’s g-spot head on and was pounding it relentlessly. Kurt only screamed Blaine’s name over and over because that’s all he could remember. He was too deep in pleasure to say or remember anything else.

“Blaine! I’m gonna squirt again!”,Kurt nearly screamed.

“Do it.”

That was all it took for Kurt to cum while furiously rubbing his clit. Blaine came inside his tight pussy a few seconds after. After a while Blaine pulled out and laid next to Kurt.

“Wow!”,Kurt said as he snuggled up to Blaine.

“You should have a hard day more often.”