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First for Zeke

It was mid morning, just after nine. I went over to my Aaron’s house which was a few doors down from mine. He lived with his dad who had been out of town for a few days. Aaron is a reasonably responsible 18 year old. He had a small party the night before but everything was fine. I had left around 2 AM. I went back to see if they were all good. I knocked a few times and got no answer. I went around to the back and found that the sliding glass door wasn’t locked. I entered with the idea of going to Aaron’s room to wake him up. As I walked past the the guest room, I noticed a bare butt staring right at me. I froze. It was a nice butt. I had to stare. I wondered who it was. I got closer and I could see it was Aaron’s friend Zeke. He was laying face down, only the top half of his torso covered leaving his legs and butt clearly visible for my pleasure. His right leg was hiked up on a pillow which had the effect of spreading his cheeks a little. When I realized that I could actually see his butt hole, I was very surprised. I had a devious idea.

I remembered Zeke very well from the previous night. He was medium height, with straight sandy, light brown hair. We had talked some. I tried flirting with him but he didn’t take the hint very well. I did get him to admit that he might consider playing with another guy. I recalled asking him if he had ever been rimmed and when he said no, I told him what and amazing experience he was missing.

I got close to his face and whispered. “Zeke, Zeke, I’m going to eat your ass now.” I had to repeat this a few times and he roused a little, shaking his butt and pushing it out. Message received.

I moved in and started to kiss his cheeks, moving closer to his center. Eventually, I parted his cheeks and saw a most amazing pink pucker. It was beautiful. I kissed and it reflexively winked. He let out a moan. I kissed his hole and when I finally stuck my tongue in, he made enough noise that I knew he was enjoying it. I was having lots of fun tonguing his ass and playing with his balls. I guess his straightness was on vacation. With my tongue buried in his hole, I grabbed his cock. It was leaking. I smacked his cheeks a few times. The moans that came from him were surprising.

“What are you guys doing?” I heard from behind.

Zeke, who had been in a state of semi-sleep, suddenly jumped, grabbing the covers and pulling it over him. I turned around, somewhat freaked myself.

“I saw what you guys were doing,” Aaron said. “I’ve been watching you for a while.”

Why was he watching us for a while. I would not have cared if he wanted to watch and masturbate. What was he going to do, blackmail us? A light went off in my head. He wanted to join us. I could play along.

I got up and walked to him, saying nothing. He was wearing a t-shirt and boxers. I took hold of his boxers and rapidly pulled them to the floor. He had a fully hard cock. I smacked his cock playfully.

“Get on the bed,” I said with authority. “Ass up.”

He obeyed. “What are you going to do?” he said with a nervous pitch in his voice.

I smacked his ass then I slid my hand towards his hole. His head popped up like a frightened deer. “Head down,” I said. Again he obeyed. I spread him, then spit on his hole. His cock throbbed when I did. It looked like he was ready to shoot. Maybe he had been stroking in the hallway while he watched us. I slapped each cheek lightly and he moaned each time, causing his cock to throb. Tiny droplets of pre-cum dripped from his tip. “You really should never sneak up on horny people,” I said.

I had ignored Zeke temporarily. He had been quietly watching. I pulled the cover away from him so he was clearly viewable. I didn’t want him hiding. I stuck one finger into Aaron and I heard a whimper. I fingered him and his stream of whimpers continued. Next I made Zeke get right next to Aaron in the same position, head down, ass up. I got a finger into him too and I fingered them both. When I buried my tongue in Aaron, he moaned just like Zeke did before. Here I was, a tongue in Aaron’s ass and a finger in Zeke. I switched, my tongue to Zeke. I saw Aaron reach to stroke his cock while I was fingering him. I smacked his ass and told him not to do that.

Next I made them turn around. I wanted them to take turns sucking my cock. I went to Zeke first and he readily took it into his mouth. He was a bad cock sucker and I told him so. I then switched to Aaron. Apparently, he didn’t want cock in his mouth. Too late for that. I pulled his head near to my cock, brushing the head against his lips. But he kept his mouth closed. I slapped his face a few times, telling him to open up. It didn’t take long until he parted his lips. As he gingerly licked the tip, I praised him for being a good boy. I made them take turns. Each of them got a minute or two.

I thought about where I would cum. Down one of their throats? In their ass? On their face? Deep in someone’s ass it would be. And seeing that it all started with Zeke, he would be getting the load.

While Aaron was sucking my cock, I made Zeke eat Aaron’s ass. Ass only, I reminded him. Do not touch his cock. Then they switched. Again, Aaron was hesitant. I had to coach him and in the end pushed his face into Zeke’s ass. They were both really bad at blowjobs.

I was really enjoying dominating them, even though their technique was terrible. I was getting ready to have some ass. Then it occurred to me that I had no lube. I asked Aaron if he had any and he said no. Of course he didn’t. He was uncircumcised and those guys don’t need lube. Zeke said he had lube at home. That was no help. As much as I really wanted to fuck them, I couldn’t. Aaron suddenly left the room and came back with a squirt bottle of lube from his dad’s room.

I got Aaron head down, ass up and I positioned Zeke underneath so he could see me enter his friend. I told Zeke he could suck Aaron’s cock if he wanted. I set about lubing Aaron’s ass and it was really tight. I could easily get one finger in, but two was not easy. I did notice that whenever I slapped his ass, it seemed to loosen for a second. I think Zeke was disappointed he wasn’t going to get cock first.

I bumped the head of my cock against his pink hole until I felt it allowing me in. I pushed and started to force my cock in. He put his hand back as if to stop my progress but I moved it. I pushed into him and his entire body tensed. I knew it would be a challenge for him until he got accustomed to it. I stroked him slowly, pushing in deeper and he let out what was almost an animal grunt. I plowed him steadily until I could sense his body had relaxed.

I made them switch. Zeke jumped into position with enthusiasm. Getting my cock into Zeke was easier. I fucked him slowly and to my surprise his body started shaking uncontrollably. Boy had an orgasm. Zeke was the better fuck. He reacted to my moves and overall it felt better. I worked up a faster pace and as I started shooting I pushed in as deep as possible. When I eventually pulled out of him, I made them sixty-nine each other, rimming, not sucking cock. I don’t know if Aaron got any cum from Zeke’s ass because I had dumped so deep. He already had cum on his face from Zeke. The two of them really got into eating each other’s ass. I realized that Aaron didn’t cum. Oh well. Not everyone gets to have an orgasm.

I had to break them apart. I think if I had left them they would have spent all day eating ass.

I said I had to leave and they were disappointed.

“How did you like it?” I asked them. “You can be honest.”

Zeke piped up. “Best sexual experience ever.”

Aaron was more hesitant. “It was ok. Parts of it were really good. I’d do it again though.”

I left very satisfied. I had converted two new sluts in record time.


“Hey baby”, Kurt said as he walked into his and Blaine’s two-story home. He had just finished grocery shopping and had both of his arms filled with bags of food.

“Hey sexy”, Blaine replied. He walked over and gave Kurt a deep kiss as he took some of the groceries from him. Kurt giggled and walked into the kitchen. Blaine stayed behind him and watched his ass the entire way there.

They set all of the groceries down on the island. Blaine went and sat in one of the chairs.

“How was your day?”,Kurt asked as he began putting away the groceries.


“Why was it so hard honey? What happened?”,Kurt asked. He put the last bit of food in the fridge and began to move to the cabinet to put up the canned goods.

“Nothing, except for the fact that I had to walk around all day with a hard-on”,Blaine said as he began to walk towards Kurt.

Kurt stopped mid-reach to close the cabinet. He turned around and Blaine was standing right in front of him.

Right in Kurt’s ear he whispered, “Do you wanna know why I was so hard? I was hard because all day all I could think about was you and your hot, tight pussy.”

Kurt grabbed Blaine by the back of his neck and kissed him. Blaine started to grab Kurt’s ass and grind on him. Kurt wrapped his legs around Blaine’s waist.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom”,Blaine said. Kurt nodded eagerly and let Blaine put him down. Blaine grabbed his hand and they ran upstairs. When they got to the room they immediately started taking each other’s clothes off. Blaine laid Kurt down on the bed and got in between his legs.

As Blaine starts sucking on Kurt’s neck he said, “Want me to eat you out? Want me to fuck you with my tongue baby?”

“Yes”,Kurt moaned. Blaine gave Kurt’s one last suck to his neck then moved down his body. He kissed down his chest and sucked on each of his nipples. Then he started to kiss down further until he got to the top of Kurt’s boy shorts.

Blaine looked at the front of them and noticed that they were soaked with Kurt’s juices. He looked Kurt in the eye and slowly started to take the baby blue boy shorts off. When he finally got them off he kissed Kurt’s mound. Kurt moaned.

“Don’t tease me, Blaine”

“Wouldn’t plan on it”, and that was the last thing Blane said before he dived between Kurt’s legs and started licking.

“Ughhh!”,Kurt moaned. He felt amazing. He loved when Blaine ate him out. He does it so fucking well! He started to push Blaine a little bit farther up to get him to suck on his clit. Blaine got the message and began to suck. Putting in his mouth and flicking it with his tongue.

Kurt screamed.

He dug his fingers into Blaine’s scalp as Blaine started to hum. The constant moans coming from Kurt’s mouth was like music to Blaine’s ears.

“Baby…..I’m gonna cum!”

Then Kurt squirted all over Blaine’s face. Blaine tried to swallow as much as possible, but most of it ended up on his chin and neck.

“Oh my gosh!”,Kurt said after he came down from is intense orgasm.

Blaine got up on his knees and took his boxers off. He had a very huge cock and Kurt loved it.

9 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide. Kurt loves to put it in his mouth so that’s what he did.

He started to suck on the head slowly then he started to take more. When he started to feel brave he deep throated Blaine and hummed.

“Fuck Kurt! You just love this dick. I’m gonna fuck that slutty pussy of your so hard.”

Blaine grabbed Kurt and pulled him off of his dick and made him lie on his back. He grabbed Kurt’s legs and put them over his shoulders.

“I’m gonna make you scream my name.”

That was the last thing Blaine said before he pushed into Kurt in one swift motion with no other preparation except his tongue.

Kurt loved Blaine’s huge dick and how it stretched him. He felt so full!

Then Blaine started to push in and out at a rough pace, not giving Kurt a chance to adjust.

“I would fuck you all day if I could.”

Kurt was still sensitive from his last orgasm, but it just made everything feel ten times better. He clawed at Blaine’s back when he sped up, trying to get a grip. Blaine was fucking him so hard he was being jolted up the bed. Then Blaine angled his hips just right and-


Blaine had hit Kurt’s g-spot head on and was pounding it relentlessly. Kurt only screamed Blaine’s name over and over because that’s all he could remember. He was too deep in pleasure to say or remember anything else.

“Blaine! I’m gonna squirt again!”,Kurt nearly screamed.

“Do it.”

That was all it took for Kurt to cum while furiously rubbing his clit. Blaine came inside his tight pussy a few seconds after. After a while Blaine pulled out and laid next to Kurt.

“Wow!”,Kurt said as he snuggled up to Blaine.

“You should have a hard day more often.”

Sterling Date #1

We walked back to my apartment.  It was a good idea that we had walked since we had a few drinks. We talked a bit as we walked.  We went out the balcony overlooking the pool.  It was a cool night. We looked out over the pool and made some small talk.  Sterling was an interesting person.  I had never met someone with that name before.  His straight light brown hair often falling in front his eyes.  I looked over at him and our eyes locked quite unlike any connection that we had all evening. I looked at his lips and I felt a perceptible surge in my pants.  I looked at his lips and I made no attempt to hide it.

“I want to kiss you,” I said.

“What’s stopping you?” he replied with a smile.

I stepped closer and landed my lips on his.  It was a short kiss.

“How was it?” I asked.

“I could go for more.” he replied.

We kissed again. Soon it progressed in to a full make out session.

We moved to the living room and onto the couch.  I pulled on his shirt and pulled it over his head.  He had a trim toned body and a smooth chest. I noticed that he had no underarm hair.

“You shave your armpits,” I said. “I love that”.


He was not a muscular guy more of a slim type. He as half leaned back on the couch and I edged half on top of him.  My thigh landed directly between his legs and up upper thigh pressed right on his crotch area.  I could feel his firmness underneath and could not wait to get to it.

We kissed as I caressed his chest and nipples. I moved my body up to his and my hard jeans contained cock pressed on his outer thigh.

He put his hands on my shoulders, caressing my neck as our tongues meshed. I passed my hand over his body, chest, and stomach.

I took my shirt off and Sterling leaned up and licked my nipples.  I held his head as he did, caressing his back.  I felt his hand go lower and he fumbled with the button and zipper on my jeans.  I shifted to let him do easier.  I stood up and he got my jeans open.  I was not wearing underwear and when he slid my jeans down, my erect cock spring into view.


Sterling kissed my stomach.  His chin bounced against my raging cock. He held my buns as he kissed around and soon I felt his kiss land on my cock.  He did that for a while until I pulled him up to stand face to face.  I kissed him and I undid his jeans.  I unzipped him and eased them off him. He was wearing boxers and his cock made a huge tent.

I chuckled. I slid my hands onto his bare ass and squeezed. Then I slid his boxers down.  When I saw the bare glans of his cock pop into view that almost made me cum on the spot.  His cock was absolutely beautiful.  It was circumcised neatly and was angled up.  It’s color was exquisite, with a purplish pinkish head.

I held it and squeezed. He moaned.

We sat back down on the couch and continued to kiss and stroke each other.

I felt myself getting ready to cum and he must have sensed this as he slowed to a more deliberate stroke.  Cum shot out of my cock and it landed on his chest and stomach. While cum pumped out in spurts, Sterling held my cock and squeezed it.

I continued to stroke him and he panted more until I felt his cock start to throb. I squeezed his cock and spurts of cum shot out.  I aimed it at my face and I was quickly drenched.

Party Boy

So here I was at a new years eve party. It was held at a hotel in a large suite. Some of the guests got rooms in the hotel so they could drink and not worry about driving. Always a fun time at this party. I would not miss it for anything.  I always meet such interesting people at this annual event. As I walked in the door, I noticed one girl wearing a really short dress grabbing one guy’s phone and shoving up her dress and snapping multiple photos, giggling away as she did.  I seriously doubt those photos would come out but she was more trying to be naughty and playful than anything.

I got a drink and had a chance to catch up with a few friends I had not seen in a while. It was not long until I found myself on the patio engaged in a conversation with John, an older guy I had met before.  John went inside and as he did, two guys and a girl came and sat on the three open chairs.  The girl sat next to me and the boys next to her.  I quickly engaged them in conversation by asking them about themselves. The closest one was blond and extremely cute. His name was Sava, a Serbian name.  He told me he was born in Serbia but moved to America when he was 6.  He was in college in San Francisco but was in Florida for the holiday to visit family.  The girl’s name was Caley. She was absolutely gorgeous. She was above average pretty but had a body that defies description.  Her dress clung to her body showing off her waist and perfect ass.  She lived in the area. These two seemed to be interested in each other but I got the impression that they did not know each other well and were not a couple. She told us that she had many tattoos including one between her shoulder blades. I made her turn her back to me and I pulled her dress down some to reveal her back so I could see the tattoo.  It was too dark to read what it said but she knew it by heart and she fired it off.  Sava responded that he thought it was cool.  I knew he was just greasing his path to get some later on.  I smiled inwardly.  Then there was Dan.  He sat quietly next to Sava.  I probed him for information.  He was a home town boy going to a local college. Caley mentioned that she had tattoos on her ass and of course I had to ask her to see them.  She promptly stood up turned her back to us and pulled up her dress.  She was wearing the most minimal dental floss thong.  Her ass was impressive.  I kept my cool and admired it.  I complemented her heart shaped tattoo. No doubt this show was for Sava.  I looked at him and he was cool.  At that point I knew it was a sealed deal.  Good for him.

Caley motioned to Sava to go with her and they got up and left.  I engaged in some chat with Dan.  I went inside to get a drink. I made one for Dan.  I came back to sit down and gave Dan his drink.  He said he really did not drink but I encouraged him to try it.  He sipped it and nodded.  My friend Stephen came to me and told he he was heading home.  He had a room but was not going to be using it.  He gave me the key.  I thanked him and told him I would take care of it for him.

It got really late and Misty, the party host said she was ready for everyone to leave.  I went into the suite and said good bye to the remaining guests.  We helped clean up.  I saw Dan standing next to the table and I shook his hand.  I asked him where his friend was and he said he was with Caley.  He was the wing man.  Something suddenly occurred to me.  “Come walk with me” I said, “I have something I would like to ask you”.

Outside, I looked over at him. “I’m not sure how to ask this but here goes”.

He looked at me.

“Would you like to make out?”, I asked. “Maybe get a handjob?”

He was stunned and it took him a second to respond.

“I’m not gay.”

“I know that.” I said. “I’m not gay either.  But I was wondering if we could make out.”

He was backing up a little.  He was polite. “I’m flattered. But I can’t do that”

I looked at him. “Well, at least let me give you a kiss.” I paused. “Please”

I put on my best puppy face.


I leaned in close and let my lips land on his.  I kissed him slow and long.  Mostly our lips just pressed against each other. I moved my lips ever so slightly. I waited until he indicated that he wanted to stop. I felt him start to pull away.

I looked at him. “So, I really think we should make out.”

“I don’t know.” he said. “Where would we go anyway?”

Ah. There it is I thought. That was a question of possibility. It was not a no. It was an implied yes but how.

I showed him the key and told him that I had a room.

Once in the room I asked him if I could kiss him again. He nodded though he seemed hesitant. He would get used to it I thought so I kissed him again.  We were standing near the door.  I pushed the door with my foot to close it. My arms went around his torso and his arms wrapped around my shoulders. We kissed for a while. It could have been ten seconds or a minute I was not sure. I started to get more adventurous.  I kissed his neck all over. We moved to the couch, kicked off our shoes  and continued our kissing session.

I started unbuttoning his shirt and he made no motion to stop me.  He had a beautiful smooth chest. I let my hand run over it.  I looked down and the poor boy’s bulge was crazy tight.

I reached down for his belt and started undoing it. He looked at me.

“That bulge must be way too painful.” I said.

He stood up so I could fully undo him. His jeans unzipped, I pulled them down, underwear and all. His cock sprung into view.  The first thing I noticed was that he was not circumcised and quite sizable.  It was totally erect and the foreskin had slid open slightly, offering a tiny glimpse of the purple head in it sheath.

His phone went off.  It was Sava looking for him. “Tell him you are staying the night,” I said. “I will drop you home tomorrow.”

I hoped that he would buy it.

He answered the phone and did exactly as I said. While he talked I gazed over his now naked body. Nicely trimmed dark pubes.  Even with the distraction his cock lost none of its power.  He hung up the phone. As he put it down, I crawled up along his body and laid on him.  My lips pressed on his.

I kissed his nipples.  I could tell he had never had that done to him before.  I moved off to the side and let my hand fall on his cock almost as if it was by accident. I lightly stroked it and it surged. I heard a low moan. I grasped his balls with a gentle caress. I started stroking him while we kissed. As I slid my hand down his shaft, the foreskin peeled back revealing his slick purple head.  I felt his cock surge in my hands.  It started leaking precum.

Dan made an attempt to take my shirt off.  I made it easy for him and I took it off quickly.  I could see that he was gazing at my bulge and I pulled off my jeans leaving myself completely naked.  My nice average cut cock was stiff.  He gazed at it.  Since he was sitting and I was standing it seemed natural to see if he would accept it.  I walked closer and his eyes were fixated on it.  Eventually my cock was right at his face.  He made no motion to move away and I took that as a positive sign.  He touched it.  It was obvious that he had never touched another guy’s penis before.  Now was not the time to remind him of that.  He kissed it.  The warmth of his lips on my cock was great. I did not expect him to give me a blow job.  I’m sure he would do whatever he could.  He continued to kiss it and he took the head into his mouth.  Not bad I thought.  Then I felt the teeth.  He realized what he had done and corrected his action. It was obvious that he was not a good cock sucker.  But I did not care.  I moved down until our faces were level.  I kissed him.  I knelt between his legs and I took his cock into my mouth.  His head tilted back and he closed his eyes.

I pushed his legs up and apart and started licking his balls. They were smooth. “Oh wow” I heard him say. I trailed my tongue down further.  He knew where I was headed.  I pushed his legs up more and his tight pink rosebud came into view.  It winked at me. I let my tongue slide around it. I had to tease him.  Here and there I would let my tongue touch it and he would moan and squirm. Little by little I paid more and more attention to the puckered pinkness. What a beautiful pink color I thought. I continued to tongue his ass and I began trying to push my tongue into him. A tongue is wet, slippery and not thick. It can usually easily find its way into the tightest ass.  “Oh wow” he said again. For an eternity, my tongue worked his ass, more and more, pushing into him.  I could feel him loosening.

I moved back to his balls for a little while then resume back on his hole.  I could tell he really enjoyed the tongue on his ass the most.  My tongue was now fucking his ass and his hips motioned in unison with my movement. I decided to give his ass a rest and moved back up to his balls.  I moved up his body and resumed a few kisses.  He was a little tentative, realizing that he was now tasting his own ass.  Our tongues meshed and I slid a finger into him.  It went in easily and I felt him shudder a little as it did.

“Are you going to fuck me?” he said in a sort of scared voice.

“I was hoping to,” I said as I smiled. “But only if you will let me”

“Will it hurt?”

“No. You know we don’t have to.”

“No. It’s ok.  I want you to.” he said.

I realized I still had a finger in him all the while we were talking. I kissed him and fingered his now slick ass. Each time my finger pushed in, his cock hardened. His foreskin was pulled back permanently now and precum leaked from it.

I pushed myself off him and he looked at me. “Fuck me now” he said as he switched around to point his ass at me.  I usually prefer fucking a guy face to face, but for novices, it is better to do it from behind.  He held his ass apart, his pink center beckoning.  I reached down to my jeans and pulled out a condom which I slipped on.  My cock was at his entrance and I applied a little pressure. I felt it give a bit and I pulled back.

“Go on,” he said. “Push that dick in my ass.”

I would love to I thought. But that would mean pain for my college friend.  And I was intent on making this a completely pleasurable experience for him even if he never did this again.  I took my time pushing a little at him then pulling back.  He reached and started to pull on his cock.

“I will have none of that” I said. “That’s for me to do.”

He obeyed.

I pushed and I felt my cock head pop into him. I pulled out to let it contract. I waited. Then again, in it went, popping past that pink sphincter.  I pulled out again. I did this seven or eight times. The next time it pushed past the opening, I let it remain unmoving in him. Motionless.  I rubbed his back and let my hands find his nipples which I tweaked and pinched gently while I whispered gently to him to relax.

He pushed his body to mine and I matched it so that my cock did not impale him. He was not ready to go deeper yet. I felt his ass muscle tightening and loosening on my cock. When that pulsing subsided, I started very slowly pushing in some more being very careful to stop at any sign of discomfort.  I was in pretty deep.

He let out another “Oh wow”.

I withdrew slowly and inch or so then slowly pushed back in.  Each in stroke I pushed a little deeper until my body was completely up against his.  There was no way for me to go any deeper.  I held that position and wrapped my hands around his body.  We were now melded into each other.  My cock was all the way into him.

“Oh fuck, I think I’m going to cum” he said.

What the fuck.  He was not even touching his cock and he was just going to cum spontaneously like that? I bucked and gave some motion to my cock in his ass.  “Oh fuck” he moaned. And then I felt his body spasm. The fucker came solely from me fucking his ass.  This was pure gold. I held still while he enjoyed his orgasm.  After a few minutes when his waves of pleasure had subsided, I resumed pumping his ass slowly.  I reached under him and held his cock.  Each time I pushed in, it surged. I worked up a little more pace until I was fucking his ass steadily. He held still at first then he started moving his body with mine. I was really enjoying this and it seemed like he was too.

“You’re liking this aren’t you?” he said, looking back at me with a grin.

“Ah yeah. Your ass is terrific.” I said.

I bucked and he grunted. “Oh. I can’t believe I’m liking this” he said.

“I want to fuck you the other way” I said.

“Huh?” he said confused.

“Flip over.” I said, hesitating. “Like… like a girl”

I withdrew from him and he turned over. “Like this?” he said.

I pushed his legs apart and up to his chest, letting me get access to his ass. I looked at his hole before pushing in. It looked more accepting than before. I put my cock to him and watch with excitement as my head eased in. His hole gave way and expanded under some protest as my cock worked its way in. I always thought this process was pure magic to watch as such a small opening was made to be receptive to something that did not seem possible. And what pleasure it brought.

I mounted him and started working him. I used easy short strokes and he moaned. His cock throbbed and drips of precum leaked from.

I touched it with my finger as my cock worked his ass. I stroked his cock more and it throbbed and surged. I could feel myself ready to cum. And I went a little faster finally pushing me over the edge. I held him tight as my orgasm went through my body and my cock pumped several times.

Minutes went by and we lay there. I pulled out and disposed of the condom.

We fell asleep.

I must have slept an hour and I woke up. I could not help watching this hot body next to mine. I did not want to wake him but I could not keep my hands off him. I caressed his chest and lightly played with his nipples. He roused a little. His stomach was so sexy and I passed my hand all over it then reached down to grab his flaccid cock. I eased back his foreskin to see how it looked.  I thought he had beautiful balls as I touched them gently. His cock roused a little.

I got down at started kissing his cock as it firmed and thickened. I pulled back the foreskin revealing the head which I took to my lips. I kissed and licked the length of his shaft. I held his penis up and started licking on his balls. How smooth they were. I wondered if he shaved them. I didn’t feel any stubble. Could it be that they were just naturally so delicious?

His body started to rouse and I could see his breathing get deeper. His eyes fluttered and briefly opened. He saw what I was doing and closed them again. His cock was now fully hard and I used my lips and tongue on it. His body moved and his breathing got louder. I tok his cock in and out of my mouth, gliding along its shaft, pleasuring him with each stroke.

I felt sweet precum leak from his tip and I kept on, teasing. He moaned loudly and He spurted gobs of thick semen.