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Journey to Slut Chapter 7

Todd sent me a message to get away for the weekend. He gave me directions and I drove there for three hours to meet at a rural shop. I pulled into the stony dusty parking lot with the only thing in sight was several old pickups. I waited.

He showed up in a black SUV and made me get in. Nikki was sitting in front next to Todd and Gigi and Missy were in the back with me. We drove all of three minutes and Todd told us to get naked we would not be needing any clothes for the rest of the weekend. I asked Gigi if she knew what was going on and she said no. She was smiling so I guessed she loved the intrigue. I guess I did too. 

We pulled off the main road and drove up a long winding driveway through some trees finally arriving at a nice looking cabin. We were all naked but it was secluded so we had nothing to worry about being seen. Not that the other girls would have cared anyway.

Once inside, there were several other guys all standing around drinking beer and chatting. The made no comment when we came in except to look us over. Todd introduced us to them then he told the men that the girls would be naked for the entire weekend. He had some rules. Girls were to give blowjobs and make at least 5 guys cum each day before they could even consider having an orgasm of their own. I saw Gigi’s eyes light up. The rule was that the girls could only make the guy cum using lips and tongue.

Failure to achieve the 5 orgasms would result in a spanking.

Fuck, I thought. That’s a lot of cock sucking. I remembered the one spanking I got from Todd. I don’t want that to happen ever again.

Gigi walked right over to one of the guys, pulled his shorts down and started flicking her tongue on his cock.

Todd waved on of the guys over to me. He pushed on my shoulders, forcing me to my knees. The guy popped out his thick circumcised cock and brought it to my face. I closed my mouth and didn’t want to suck it.  I was a little mad at Todd. The guy held my chin and smacked my face lightly a few times. “Open ya fucking mouth sweetie.”

Again he smacked my face a little harder and i decided it was best to go along. I opened and let his cock into my mouth. He started stroking my mouth like a pussy though he was not going deep. He pumped my mouth and I could not keep up. It was overwhelming.

Journey to Slut Chapter 6

Around noon, I got a message from Todd. It excited me to hear from him. I hoped he wasn’t still mad at me. There was a picture attached. I opened it and it was a close up of a vagina. It was clearly not mine. I wondered if she was my competition. It was a beautiful vagina I had to admit. There was a follow up note. “Pretty, don’t you think?”

“Yes. It is” I replied.

There was another message telling me to come to his place after work. I did not dare complain or make any excuses. I let Howard know I would be home late. I told him I was going to meet a few friends.  Later that day, as I was exiting the building I remembered I had to get rid of my panties. todd would not be happy about that. I got a cab and on the ride over I slid my panties off and stuffed them in my purse. Luckily I was wearing a dress which made it easy. 

When I got to Todd’s building, the doorman let me in. I knew where I was headed. Todd occupied most of the top floor. I knocked on his door and waited for an eternity. The door opened and it was a tall gorgeous brunette.

“Hello,” she said with a smile.

She walked in front of me. She wore a medium length gold dress which fit her body perfectly. And she had a perfect body to go with it. As we entered the main room, there were three other women sitting and standing. They were all tens. Beautiful beyond belief. I felt so intimidated. I wanted to leave. Todd was talking to two guys who looked just as gorgeous as the girls.

“Hello C” he said politely. 

He hugged me. He introduced me to Hans and Jim who he said were consultants. They both smiled and were very charming.

 Todd whispered to me, “look around the room. They are all beautiful aren’t they?”

“Yes,” I replied. “And so are your consultants”.

“Ahh.” he said with a smile. “I see. That’s not where this is going but I will make a note of it. Except those two aren’t interested in what you have to offer. They play for their own team if you know what I mean.”

“I see” I replied.

Todd walked me around the room introducing me to everyone. There was Gigi, Kora, Missy, Blondie and Nikki.

“Nikki, see that Carolyn is taken care of. I’ll be in a meeting in my office for a few minutes” said Todd.  He kissed my cheek and walked off to the office side of his suite.

I made small talk with the girls.

 Gigi grabbed Nikki’s hand. “Come dance with me”. Both girls started to dance with each other. They were so graceful. I loved how they moved. Then they moved closer to each other until their bodies were barely touching. Nikki kissed Gigi on the lips. Nikki started grinding her pelvis on Gigi’s leg. Gigi reached down and pulled her dress up over her head. She was left wearing a blue g-string and her high heels. I stared at her body. She had cute perky breasts and pink nipples. Kora leaned over to me. “They are beautiful”

 I blushed.

 “I see how you are looking at them. It’s Okay”

“I’m not…”

“You don’t have to convince me.” she said. “I think they are so sexy. I love Gigi’s nipples. The color is so pretty. Matches her pussy.” she giggled.

“Are they lesbians?” I asked.

The three girls giggled. “Not really. But they do play around with each other.” Missy said.

 “Or should I saw WE play around?” 

“Carolyn, can I see your boobs?” Kora said. 

What? That was so arbitrary. I looked at her with my eyes wide and mouth agape.

“Yes Carolyn, let us see your boobs. Please” said Blondie. “I will show you mine.” And with that she slid her dress down to her waist displaying magnificent breasts.  “Want to touch?”


Before I had a chance to utter my words she grabbed my hands and placed them on her breasts.  “Go on, give them a squeeze.”

I did squeeze them. Interesting. Kora was behind me and she cupped my breasts. “Yowsa. These are nice.” 

“But I want to see them,” whined Blondie. “I showed you mine”

The only way to make this happen was for me to take my dress off. And I wasn’t wearing any panties. I would be completely naked.

Kora spoke up. “Let’s all get naked. Then she’ll be the odd person”.

The girls all got out of their clothes.  Nikki came over to me and took my hands making me stand. She took hold of the lower part of my dress and pulled it up. I lifted my arms and she whisked my dress off in one motion.

“You have such beautiful boobs Carolyn.” Nikki said.

 Everyone chimed in agreement. They took turns touching my breasts and squeezing them. I had never realized how gentle girls are compared to guys.

“We like you Carolyn” said Gigi and she kissed my cheek.

I felt someone standing close behind me and her mouth descended on my neck. I reached up and grabbed her head pulling it to me.

 “I want to taste her” said Misty.

I cocked my head. “She means she wants to taste your pussy” Gigi said. “I agree with her. I want to taste you too.”

The office door opened and Todd came out. No one seemed to notice but I got very self conscious.

“You girls are making out? You are such good hosts to our guest” he said. “I would like to borrow her for a moment but you girls continue”

Todd walked me to the other side of the room. “You know I could have any of them?”

I nodded.

“In fact I have. I have had sex with each of them. I could say a word right now and any one of them would gladly pleasure me in any way I wanted.”

“Why are you telling me this?” I asked.

“Because when I want you, you should understand that it is a choice I make and I have many other options”

“ I see”

Todd said he had a challenge for me but he didn’t think I was ready. Perhaps it was too big a challenge for me.

“What is it?”

“I want you to pleasure one of the girls orally”

“You want me to …”

“Yes, I want you to give one of the girls an orgasm with your tongue. Unless you are not up to it. You don’t have to. But it is something that you need to do. It will make you a better lover. It’s a step that many women cannot take.” 

“I don’t know if I can” I said.

“I know. You aren’t ready. Maybe you will never be. You should just get going. The girls are going to play around and they will surely pleasure you. To not return the favor would be considered rude.”

“I can try.” 

“It’s better not to try. You should think about it. Come back in a week.”

 “No, I’m up to it.” I said.

“You are sure?” he said. “These girls are important to me and I don’t want to upset the chemistry of my little troup.”

 “Yes I’m sure.” I said.  But I wasn’t.

 An hour earlier I had not vaguely considered doing anything with a woman and now I was going to be licking a girl’s pussy. That’s a big leap in such a short time.

Gigi was on the couch and the other girls were giving her all the attention.  One was kissing her, while two of them were on each of her breasts. And the fourth caressed her stomach and mound. They were obviously teasing her by avoiding her pussy.

 “Go kiss her belly” said Todd. 

I joined in and started to kiss Gigi’s belly. I kissed all around her belly button and I felt a hand on my head, very gently nudging me lower. I reached her mound which I kissed and started to move back to her stomach when that hand nudged me again.

I repositioned between her legs. Kora was behind me stroking my hair. When I got to Gigi’s pussy, I held for a second. “Just kiss the lips first” said Kora. I did as she suggested and started to kiss the plump outer labia. 

“Go ahead and part her with your fingers. You have one of these. You know what feels good.”

I gingerly held Gigi’s pussy open seeing her pink insides. It truly did match her nipples. I slid my tongue right into her and licked up to her clit. She jumped and moaned. “Oh my God” she exclaimed.

 I did not know what I was doing so I just licked straight up the middle. I licked directly on her clit and she seemed to like that. Gee, I wonder why.

“Put a finger in her ass Carolyn,” said one of the girls.”

“Yeah, she likes that” said another.

“One in her ass and one in her cunt.”

I followed their instructions. “Yeah that’s it. Now lightly flick your tongue on her clit. That’s how she likes it.”

Gigi was bucking her hips and moaning. Then I felt her tense up as he moaning increased. Did I just make a girl orgasm?  The other girls clapped.

 Since there were six of us, we paired up. They all agreed that since I already give Gigi an orgasm I had to pair with someone else. I ended up with Nikki after a long discussion that made no sense to me.

Nikki wasn’t one to waste time. She came right over to me and placed her hands on my hips. She told me I was beautiful and that I turned her on.


Journey to Slut Chapter 5

Howard went away on a business trip for three days. I told Todd and thought that we could really get into it without all the sneaking around. “I’ll let you know” he replied.

Friday night came along and I expected to hear from him but nothing. I texted him and waited. A few minutes later I sent another text. Some time passed and there was a text from Todd. “I said I would let you know”

I was so horny thinking of Todd fucking me but he was not there. I rubbed my pussy and found myself thinking of his cock in my mouth. I came. But I still wanted him. I texted him to come by anytime he wanted. I would be naked waiting. I slept in spurts waking up hoping he was there. I ached to feel his hard cock entering me.

When I woke up Saturday morning I was fuming. Why the fuck didn’t he show up? I texted him and let him know. No answer. I got my mind into cleaning up the house but it was no use. I sent him another text apologizing for the previous text. “I’m ready to suck your cock like never before” I said. Another hour went by and still no answer. I was distraught and started to cry. I had never before thrown myself at any man. Every man I had ever been with had pursued me. Now I was willing to let this man do with me whatever he wanted and he seemed not to want me.

I figured he must be busy. He would have at least answered me by now. I got in the tub to take a bath. I looked at my newly hairless pussy and thought that Todd had not even seen it yet. I wanted him to see it. It was for him. I heard my phone chime. totally wet, I got out of the tub and grabbed it. It was Howard telling me he would be home Sunday evening. I had Saturday night and Sunday. 

Saturday night went by and still no Todd. I was depressed. It was not until later Sunday that I got a message. It was brief. All it said was that he might stop by some time soon. what the fuck was wrong with this guy. He had all weekend to come fuck me anyway he wanted and he waited until my husband was almost home.

Howard called me to say his plane had landed and he should be home in an hour. I had just finished reading the message when there was a knock on the door. I did not have to think for a second. I was wearing panties and that would make him mad. Fuck it.

I opened the door and it was him. I did not have a happy face and I let him in.

He reached to me and brought me to him. He hugged me and kissed each cheek. His lips were warm and his grasp was strong. A little smile came to me. I lead him into the house. 

“Howard will be here shortly” I said.

“No matter. I don’t think he will mind. We don’t need much time anyway.” he replied.

We got to the living room where he stood and looked at me. “Undress,” he said.

I pulled off my shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra.  I pulled my shorts and underwear off, leaving me completely nude. I saw him looking at my pussy.

“You like?” I said. 

“Nice touch” he said.

“There’s the matter of the unnecessary messages. There was no need to send any of those messages. We have to fix that.”

“I know. I’m so sorry.” I said

“You are for my pleasure. I get to take you when I want at my discretion”

“Yes, I know. I won’t do it again” I said.

“I believe you.” he said. “I must make sure.” 

Todd stood behind me and bent me over the couch.  My pussy twitched and got moist. He pulled my hands behind my back and tied the wrists together.  I could just imagine his cock ready to drill into me and a little smile crept to my face. Then I felt the palm of his hand land on my ass. I cried out.

“You will be quiet,” he said. 

He picked up my shirt and stuffed it into my mouth. Several times his hand landed on my ass and pain shot through my body. Tears streamed from my eyes and slap after slap fell on me. He even parted my legs and applied several smack directly to my vagina.

“From now on, unless I tell you to contact me, I do not want to see any message from you that is disrespectful in any way. Are we clear?”

I nodded.

I heard Todd leave the room and go out the front door.  I tugged on my wrist bindings and eventually got them loose. Went to the mirror to look at my ass.  It was all red and hurt like hell.

For the rest of the day, I could hardly sit. When Howard came home, it was difficult to conceal my ass beating. Howard knew something was wrong but he didn’t say anything. There was no way I could have sex with him and I’m lucky he did not ask.

I went to work the next morning and managed to sit without too much discomfort. After that it was not too bad.

Journey to Slut Chapter 4

The days were varied. I did not know where things would go from one day to the next. Todd certainly kept me on my toes. Sometimes days would go by and I would not hear anything. Then a text message asking for a shot up my skirt. I was lucky I had a private office and I was able to snap pantyless photos with my phone. I was made to flick my clit several times a day and I ended up getting myself to orgasm a few times.

On morning, I was instructed to go to a massage place. I went without question. I did not have to wait. They gave me a towel and I had to get totally undressed. I was on the table covered with the towel when this middle aged chinese woman came in. She was relatively attractive. She pulled the towel off me and started to massage my neck and shoulders. She worked her way down my back and then my ass. I had never had an ass massage and it was great. Then she did my legs all the way to my toes. She returned to my ass and she made me part my legs. I felt her finger approach my pussy as she slid it around in my wetness. She made me flip over and she massaged my chest, breasts and stomach. Then she parted my legs and rubbed my inner thighs moving in closer to my vagina. I was not surprised when her hand landed on my mound and her fingers expertly found their way between my lips and to my clit. She slid her finger up and down, over my clit, making me get very worked up. I could even sense an orgasm getting ready when she suddenly stopped.

“Ok you done.” she said in a heavy chinese accent.

“What? But I didn’t…”

“You think you suppose have orgasm? Not allow. You go now.”

And with that she left the room. I thought about doing it myself but I did not have time. I dressed and left. It took an hour to get it out of my mind. I was so worked up I could barely walk.

My assistant Jasmine came into my office and she could tell that I was worked up about something. I hired Jasmine because I liked her and she was sharp and got things done. Now I looked at her in a different way. She had quite a figure and nice breasts. I had to put it out of my mind. I was her boss and I would get in huge trouble.

I got a call that explaining that a car would pick me up after work. There was a limousine waiting outside my building. I got in and there were two gorgeous women about thirty five. As we pulled out they started to rub my legs and their hands got up my skirt. Then they hiked up my skirt and spread my legs. Of course I was not wearing panties giving them easy access.  One of them started flicking my clit which made me jump. Then after a few minutes of that the other one got down and started to tongue my clit. That felt really good.

“Don’t let her cum.” the other one said. “She isn’t allowed an orgasm.”

What were they talking about? Why wasn’t I allowed to have an orgasm? I tried ask but they told me to be quiet. Each time I started to feel an orgasm coming on, they would stop. Then a few minutes later start again either licking my pussy or fingering me. I have no idea where the car was driving.

Then one of them reached for what looked like a face cream jar. I was just getting close to orgasm again when the one licking me stopped.

“Time to shut it off.” she said to the other.

One of them held my cunt lips open and the other smeared the white cream all over my clitoris, labia and even worked some into my vagina.

“This will burn a bit for a few seconds.” one said and they positioned themselves on either side, holding my arms and legs firmly.

I felt nothing. Then it felt a little warm and suddenly a sting and then over the top burning. My pussy was on fire. Tears came to my eyes. I tried to scream but she had her hand over my mouth muffling my cries. The burn seemed like forever.

“It will be done soon.” they kept repeating.

Then the burning subsided and as quickly as it started I felt nothing.

“Your vagina will be totally numb for about two days.” she said.

I touched it and felt nothing. My pussy was entirely numb.

“In two days it will be back to normal. Until then do not have sex or try to masturbate.”

The car pulled up to my house and they let me get out.

For the next several hours I would touch my pussy to see if it was still numb. It was exactly as they had said.

The next morning, I checked again and it was totally numb.

Before lunch I got a text to be at a nearby hotel. Was he going to fuck my numb pussy? In the room there was a guy who said his name was Gus. He told me there would be no sex. All I had to do was get on my knees and stick out my tongue.

“I’m going to drip this yogurt on your tongue. I want you to swallow it when I tell you.”

Gus turned on a TV and there was a movie of a cock cumming on a girl’s tongue. She would then swallow the cum. This scene ended and another very similar scene started.

Gus said I was to concentrate on the TV while he dripped small gobs of yogurt on my tongue then he would signal me and I would swallow. Over and over he would cover my tongue with small drops of yogurt and make me swallow. After about thirty minutes he said I did well and let me leave.

The next day I could feel sensation returning to my pussy. I could rub my clitoris and feel something. By late afternoon it felt back to normal. I met Gus for the swallowing training. This time, he had a rubber penis and he showed me how it could be made to squirt yogurt just like a man squirting. I watched as the girls in the video let the beautiful penises cum on their tongue on in their mouth and they happily gulped down the semen.

The next day, my pussy felt normal. I touched it and I could feel. I got to the swallow training and one of the women who had numbed my pussy in the car was there. She introduced herself as Karen. She made me get undressed for the session. The TV was on and Gus was ready. He said he was trying out a new recipe and had me taste it. It was not sweet like the yogurt and the consistency was slightly different but it wasn’t unpleasant. Karen sat behind me and put her hand between my legs. When Gus started to squirt the fake cum onto my tongue, Karen was stroking my clit very lightly just enough to send mild pleasant sensations through me. Karen did not make me cum but she did pleasure me while I had fake cum squirted into my mouth.

They had a car take me home and Karen warned me not to masturbate. When I asked her what to do if Howard wanted sex she said I would have to find an alternative that did not involve me having an orgasm.

When Howard got home I had to figure out a way to handle him. I could only fend him off for so long. If he persisted I would give in.

We were sitting on the couch.

“Hon” I said. “Do you still masturbate?”

He was shocked. “Uh no.”

I knew he must be lying.

“It’s ok. I read where it’s good for you. I don’t mind.” I said. “In fact, I wonder if you would not mind masturbating for me to watch”

He was puzzled. “You mean now?”

“Yeah. I will pose for you and you watch me and jack off. Only thing is you can’t fuck me. Deal?”

I got naked and on the floor, then started posing in different ways. I tried to pose in various ways I had seen in nudie mags. I watched as Howard worked his cock. I encouraged him. It was obvious that he was an expert at handling his own cock. I got on my knees and stuck my ass in the air, pulling my ass cheeks apart. He seemed to like that as he asked me to hold that position while his stroking increased.  Once he came I wondered if he would want to fuck anyway but he didn’t.

We used the rubber penis at lunch for a few days more using the fake cum and Karen playing with my clit as my cum swallowing training continued.

It had been two weeks since I had even seen Tood. I had no orgasm in that time. When the car picked me up after work it went to Todd’s place. I was excited. I had never been able to predict what would happen. It was almost like he knew what I was thinking and he would do something different just to throw me off. I felt for sure I would have to give him a blowjob and he would cum in my mouth and I would swallow his cum. I was ready to do that.

Todd told me to get on my knees and wait.

Karen came in from a side door and she smiled at me. She got undressed and I was amazed that her body was much more beautiful than I thought it might be. She got down in front of Todd and took his cock in her mouth. She proceeded to suck him until his cock strained and she repeatedly took him entirely down her throat. I watched as his eyes closed and he seemed to be in utter pleasure. When he started to squirt, she held his cock and I watched as the cum shot into her mouth. Once he was finished, she looked over at me with her mouth open. She played with the cum in her mouth using her tongue. Then she swallowed and opened her mouth as if to prove to me that she actually did it.

Todd came over and told me that we were done and that it was time to leave.

The next day the exact scene was repeated and then the next and so on. It was sometimes a different girl. This went on for five days then six. Always I was right next to the girl watching as she got to take his beautiful cock and suck it until it came in her mouth then she would swallow. I licked my lips as I watched the cum land on their tongues. I could smell the cum.

On day seven, I watched as the girl started to lick the tip of his penis. I moved over closer and she turned and looked at me with a glare. I did not back down. His cock went into her mouth and she held his balls. I reached over and placed my hand on his cock pulling it out of her mouth and to mine. She looked at me but did nothing. I felt Todd’s delicious cock in my mouth. It felt so much better than the last time I had done this. Minutes went by and I used every trick I knew to pleasure him. I knew he did not cum easily and I had to be patient and just continue. I felt his cock throbbing. Was he going to cum? He held my head now and was fucking my skull. I gagged a little but he didn’t stop and I didn’t want him to stop. Then I felt him tense and he held his cock and aimed it at my face. I opened my mouth wide, tongue stuck out and I felt his warm cum land on my tongue and some of it shot to the back of my throat. When he was done, he looked at me and I closed my mouth and swallowed.

That was not bad at all I thought.

“I’m very proud of you.” Todd said.

Journey to Slut Chapter 1

My name is Carolyn Winters and I’m married three years to my husband Howard. I started on a journey so long ago that seemed impossible. With each step I am in wonder that I’ve reached that far and think it is the end only to find myself being pushed past another threshold.

What was I doing here? This wasn’t the best neighborhood. Not that it was unsafe. But these were the cheap apartments. And here I was in my expensive dress and high heels at almost midnight. A few individuals were around dressed in street attire looking at me knowing full well that I was not supposed to be there. I didn’t feel unsafe but it was unnerving.

My phone buzzed. It was Todd, if that was even really his name.  It was a text message.  It said to go around to the back of the building next to the dumpster. As I rounded the corner, I saw the dumpster at the end of the parking lot in the back of the building. The light above it flickered on and off inconsistently. As I got closer, there was Todd, standing with a cigar. He was medium height like I remembered. He wore a tight fit t-shirt and jeans.  My heart skipped a beat. His torso oozed sexuality and I felt my lower parts quiver.

As I walked up to him, he reached over and grabbed my left breast with his right hand. I started to say hello and he just looked at me. I knew I just had to shut up. His powerful hand on my breast made excitement flow through me. he roughly fumbled with my breasts and I just stood there. It was as if he was trying to examine me and see how I would react at the same time.

He got a little closer and pulled my dress up. I reacted to stop him then caught myself. If he wanted to expose me to whoever was watching from their apartment I wasn’t going to stop him. My dress was up above my waist. He looked down and my black thong underwear. I thought he might like them. He pulled a knife from his pocket and cut the string on either side. He pulled the expensive thong panties away and tossed them on the ground.

“Don’t show up wearing panties ever again.  You think you might run into me, you better not be wearing any”

I nodded.

He looked down at me, turning my body to the light. “Shave that pussy hair off.  All of it. You can have hair on your head. No hair anywhere else.”

I don’t have much pubic hair to start with and even what I have is neatly trimmed and carefully manicured. I had never completely shaved it even though my husband Howard had suggested it many times.

He pushed me face up against the dumpster and he came at me from behind. I felt his hand on my bare ass as it slide between my legs and I felt his finger push into my now wet pussy.

“What a wet slut pussy you have” he said.

“I’m not a slut,” I pleaded.

“But you’re going to be one when I’m done with you”

Another finger entered my pussy and I could feel his thumb lingering around my ass hole. No one had ever put anything into my ass. Howard had tried a few times and even asked and I had firmly let him know that it was never an option. What I had never let my husband do, I was about to let a stranger have if he wanted.  I didn’t want anything in my ass. But if Todd wanted it then it would be his.

“You want something in your ass?” he said in my ear.

“No.” I replied weakly.

“No matter. You are getting it anyway” and with that his thumb poked at my anal opening.

It did not go in but made me jump.  He knelt down and pulled my ass cheeks apart and bit more roughly and he spat a wad of saliva right on my hole. Then I felt him ease in a finger. It was a totally weird feeling. It wasn’t unpleasant but totally new and I had no idea what to think of it. I grunted as I could only focus on the the unwanted sensation in my ass. He fingered my ass with the one finger until it satisfied him.

He stood up and held my chin, looking into my eyes.

“That won’t be the last time.”

He pressed firmly on my shoulders forcing me to the ground. He pulled my head to his crotch. I looked up at him and he just stared back at me. I didn’t know what to do.

“It’s not going to suck itself,” he said angrily.

I unzipped him and pulled it out. His circumcised cock was already hard. I started kissing and licking it. Despite being married for some time, I did not have much experience with blow jobs. I’ve done blow jobs off and on since I was 15. But I was never that much into them. In the six years I was married to Howard, I must have done it for him no more than three times. I sucked mundanely on Todd’s cock.

“Yeah, get that cock in your mouth slut” he said.

I didn’t like it when he called me that. I wasn’t a slut.

“Deeper bitch.” he said. “I like to feel my cock deep in your throat.”

He pushed his cock further into my mouth, holding my head so I could not pull back. The head hit the back of my throat and he held it there, trying to go even deeper. He was going to gag me. Todd fucked my mouth in small strokes. “Open that slut mouth wider.”

He tilted my head back slightly and pushed hard and I was suddenly swallowing his cock. I felt my eyes water and I gagged. I tried to control it and yet the reaction was violent. That only seemed to encourage him and he pulled out and shoved it back in. My throat was his pussy and saliva was everywhere. I gagged and almost puked at some points.  Then he pushed into my throat again and I gagged and puked. He held my hair and let me get over it. When he pulled my head back up he smacked my face.

He stroked his slick cock until he came on my face then he proceeded to wipe his cock all over my face.

“You didn’t like my finger in your ass did you?”

“Yeah, I did” I said with little conviction.

“Don’t lie to me.”

He had a growl in his voice

“It was weird. But I didn’t mind it.”

“I’m going to train you to love it.”

He told me to start rubbing my clit. I masturbated a few times but I was not that into it.

Ok now get some of my cum on your finger and push it into your ass. That’s it. Finger your ass and rub your clit.  Wiggle that finger around.  Keep rubbing that clit.

I started to feel sensations from my clit rubbing. It was somehow different than when someone else did it. The finger in my ass now added to the sensation.  I felt a little orgasm coming on and rubbed the clit even more until the orgasm overtook my body.

“Now go on home.”