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Sardonyx #1

Being on another planet was weird. My parents had decided to move from Earth. It was mostly a one way trip. Very few ever went back. It had taken us just short of 2 years to get to Sardonyx. Two years in Earth time that is. Time moved much slower for the travellers and my body aged only a few months. We spent much of the time in a sleep state. We would stay asleep for a week or two and then wake up for a day only to start the cycle over again. The outer worlds as they are known are wild places. Laws are few and the strangest things happen. More males than females make these trips so it was hard for a girl like myself in these places because I would get hounded by every walking penis around.

I was 16 when we left Earth. I had a boyfriend Cole and had to leave him. We were together for a year at the time we left. It was hard. As much as I did not want to believe it, I knew I would never see him again. Lucky for us we had sex for one last time. The journey to Sardonyx was done in several segments. The last was on a freighter named The Fly. We were on it for about a week. One of the crew tried to hit on me. He had no subtlety. I had a vagina and boobs and he needed some action. Essentially he asked me to give him a blow job. I laughed it off. He seemed to have a nice body though.

I met Kera on that ship. She was dark haired and a little older than me. She had seen the guy try to hit on me. She offered me a drink. I was too young I told her. She laughed. Too young? We are in space. There is no such law. “You’re so innocent” she said.

She told me not to hold it against the crew member. Getting some sexual action out here is not easy. It is much more casual than in other places. She slid a drink over to me. I sipped on it. Sweet it was. Minutes went by and it was gone. My head felt its effects.

Kera walked me around different parts of the ship. When we got to the ramp overlooking the cargo bay she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I didn’t pull away. I had never kissed a girl before. Her lips were so soft.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

“That I never had a girl kiss me.”

“You like?”

I nodded. “Your lips are so soft.”

She moved in again and our lips met. This time it got more passionate. Her hands were on my waist and mine on her sides. She pulled me to her and our bodies met. We both had ample boobs which pressed on each other. I was accustomed to Cole’s more rugged handling of my body. Making out with Kera was quite different. When her hands moved to my ass I felt a twinge between my legs. I had never thought I could be turned on my a girl but here I was.

“Let’s go back to my cabin?” she said.

“I’ve never done anything like this. I don’t know how far I can go.” I said.

“That’s fair” she replied. “I can respect that. It’s up to you how far you go.”

She had her own cabin. Kera traveled on The Fly often though she was not part of the permanent crew. Her job was something like a travel agent. She arranged travel for people. Apparently she was the one who arranged this segment of the journey for me and my family.

Kera’s cabin was tiny. I imagined the other cabins were probably small too. Space was a premium. “There’s not much of a tour,” she said as she pulled off her shirt leaving herself bare breasted. I stared at them. She smiled and I realized I was staring and looked away.
“You can stare. I don’t mind.” she said. “Actually I like like it”

I looked at her breasts again. They were a bit bigger than mine. Her skin seemed tan and even. The nipples were light brown and each were pierced.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“Nice. I like them.” I said.

“You want to touch them? Go ahead, take a feel.”

I placed my hands on them and squeezed slightly. The skin felt so soft and I was intrigued. I massaged and caressed them while Kera smiled at me.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I got carried away. I’ve never…”

“It’s ok Stephanie. It feels nice to have your hands on them.”

Kera started to unbutton my shirt then paused. “May I?” she asked.

I nodded. My lips felt dry and I licked them. My buttons undone, my shirt was now open and Kera’s eyes lit up. “So beautiful” she said as she started to feel my breasts.” Tiny tingles coursed through my body. I felt her lightly pinch my nipples. She slid my shirt off my shoulders and hung it on a hook on the wall. Kera stepped closer. Our breasts touched and arms pulled each other closer. Lips met and we kissed deeply. My mind raced back to Cole and right about now I was expecting to feel his erection pressing on my leg. But of course that was not going to happen now. Our hips were as close as we could manage. I slid my hands over her back enjoying her smooth skin. She kissed my neck and made her way to my chest. Her lips met my nipples and she gently toyed with them using her tongue. I could feel my pussy getting moist. I thought about grabbing Cole’s cock which I would squeeze through his pants. He loved that. What the heck I thought and my hand slid between Kera’s legs, grabbing her mound. I felt a low moan from her. Wow, I had just grabbed another girl’s pussy. Kera’s hand grabbed my ass, squeezing and massaging. I could feel my pussy was getting more wet.

Kera turned around and laid me on the bed. She smiled at me. “You’re ok with this right?”

I undid the snap of my pants and looked at her.

Kera reached down and unzipped me. She pulled my pants off leaving me there naked. I spread my legs caressing all around my pussy. I could feel the hair growth that had sprouted during the trip. “Sorry about the hair.” I said.

“Don’t worry about it. Your pussy is truly beautiful. Shaving is a luxury on these trips.”

She slid her pants off and so I could see her perfectly hairless pussy.

“In case you are wondering, hair does not grow on mine. At least not any longer.”

Kera positioned herself between my legs and started kissing my inner thighs starting from my knees. She moved in closer to my pussy and when her lips landed on it, I was feeling pretty good. She used her fingers to part it and her tongue found its way directly to my slit.

Her hands reached up to massage my breasts while her tongue slid up and down, in and out of my pussy.

Then I felt the orgasm from a distance. I could sense it. When Cole and I first started to have sex, I didn’t have orgasms. It took a few tries and some experimenting. After the first one, I was very orgasmic. I knew the feeling it created in me when it was building up. Kera’s tongue flicked my clitoris just one last time and my body tensed as orgasmic waves overtook me.

I caught my breath and looked at her. She had a huge grin on her face. “I love making girls cum” she said.

“You do this with many girls?” I asked.

“Not nearly enough” she replied.

“I want to do you now.” I said. The idea of licking a pussy to me seemed so foreign but it only seemed faire.

“You don’t have to you know”

“No. I want to. Show me how.”

“Only if you really want to. Don’t do it just because I made you cum and you think you owe me.”

I rolled her over and got on top. I looked her in the eye. “I’m going to eat your pussy and you’re not stopping me.” I said with determination. I kissed her and move my hand to her pussy while I kissed her deep. I rubbed it up and down gently feeling it get slick and wet. I had felt my own wetness many times but Kera had way more moisture than I ever did. I eased a finger in and she moaned. I slowly finger fucked her, using my finger around her clit once in a while. I slid my body down to her breasts and quickly moved to her abdomen and then her mound. I liked the smooth mound and then inched closer to the actual slit. I had never done it before but I had a vagina so I knew how it operated and what felt good on me. I slid my tongue right up the center and the lips parted and my tongue felt the slippery insides of her inner lips. I tickled her clit and I could feel her body moving in response to my actions. I did various motions and patterns and even trying using my tongue as a cock to fuck her.

More moans came from her lips.

I licked her a little faster and her body started to tense. Was she going to cum? I tried fingering her while I applied my tongue directly to her clit. Then her body flinched and she writhed in orgasm.