Fuck With A Friend

Girls sometimes have that one guy friend. She can talk to him about her relationship problems and just spend time with without all the drama. He will show up at their house with food if they get hungry. It’s like a boyfriend without the physical part. The guys refer to it as the friend zone or GBF(girl’s best friend). and they hate getting there because it probably means no sex ever. And guys are about sex. We know that. And so there I was.

My name is Rachel. I was 17 years old. I am about 5 foot 9 so I’m a tall girl, and have wavy blond hair. I’ve been told I’m pretty but who knows what to believe. Friends will say you are pretty because they want you to feel good. Guys will say you are pretty so they can have a chance to get laid. I had a few boyfriends since I was 15 but never got into anything more than making out.

Then there was Jared. He was my age and I had known him forever. He was tall and nicely muscular. He was really attractive but he was always that boy I knew since we were much younger. My girl friends were always on about how cute he was. He had black hair and blue eyes that just drew you in. Our parents were friends so we ended up a various family functions over the years.

It was Saturday afternoon and I headed over to see Jared. It must have been around 3:30 pm when I got there. He had been playing soccer with some friends and he said he was going to shower.

“I will be quick,” he said “I want to watch a movie.”

He went into the bathroom and I heard the water turn on.

I had 20 minutes and being impatient I turned myself to his computer. I turned it on and went on the Internet.

I went on his favorites tab to see what websites he likes so that I could think of something to do. Then I saw that all of his favorites were porn sites.

I was surprised at first. He really didn’t seem like the type of guy who watched porn. Maybe all guys watched porn.

I clicked on one of the sites and it brought me to this teacher fucking his student. I started watching it and I got really into it. All of a sudden I heard the door open.

Jared walked in he saw what I was watching.

“OMG Rachel! What are you doing?” He screamed.

“Just watching some porn videos.”

“I’m a guy. I watch porn. Not that hard to understand.”

“Is that what you like?” I said. “You like her?”

“No Rachel. Of course not. She’s a troll. How could anyone ever watch her? Her boobs are way too big and firm.“

The sarcasm rolled off his tongue with just a little venom.

“Whatever,” I said. “I just didn’t figure that you were a porn guy.”

“Maybe you should watch it with me and not freak out about it.” he said.

I raised an eyebrow. “Sure,” I said. “Why don’t we just have an orgy. Let me make some calls.”

I was equally good at sarcasm.

“I’m serious,” he said. “We can watch some of it. I like them, maybe you will too. Or maybe you are scared to watch a little porn. Is it too much for you?”

I thought for a minute. “I’m not scared. I can handle it fine.”

He adjusted the towel around his waist before he sat down on the chair next to me.

In the video the teacher took out his dick and told the girl that she has been very naughty and needed to be punished. His dick seemed huge. The entire scene played out as the teacher insert his penis into her and then proceeded to get really into it. She moaned what seemed fake because her mouth was not even moving. It was hot and steamy and I found myself quite interested in it. I noticed Jared had a bulge and the towel did not do much to hide it. I was not sure if I was turned on or creeped out because of it. He saw me looking.

“Never seen a dick before? It gets hard when sexually excited. I’m not doing anything wrong so shut the fuck up Rachel!” He spazzed at me.

“Really Jared! I didn’t say anything! I’m not some slut.”

“What are you talking about? That makes no sense. Who ever said anything about you being a slut? Maybe you’re just a prude or something.”

That one stung. I am definitely not anything of the sort.

“You’re such a dick. And I’m not prude!” I got up and started walking away. That boy made me so mad. I was fuming. I will show him I thought to myself.

I walked back to him, grabbed the towel and pulled it from his waist. His cock was standing straight up and hard.

“Look I finally saw a cock. If you can even call it that,” I told him coolly.

I knew he would be hurt that I said that. I then put my hand on it.

“Look I’m touching it. Aren’t I cool?” then I left and went to the living room.

I probably should have felt bad about leaving him in his room like that. But at that point I was so mad that I didn’t care. I sat there watching TV for a while and he did not show up. That made me even more mad. I was just getting ready to just head home when he showed up.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I just wanted to say sorry for how I acted.”

“Yeah I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have done that”

“It’s okay.” he said in a low apologetic voice. “I’m still hard actually. I was too upset to masturbate.”

“Want me to take care of that for you? It’s the least I can do”

He looked at me puzzled.

“Enough with the sarcasm Rachel. Never joke about that with a guy.”

“I’m not joking.” I replied looking him in the eye. “When a girl offers to take care of that for you, don’t question it.”

“Umm sure I guess. I would love that.” He said with a beaming smile.

“And you better keep your mouth shut. If I hear even a whisper of this…” I said not knowing what I would really do. “Well, if you know what’s good for you.”

He walked over to the couch and i got up to stand next to him.  He had put on shorts and he readily slipped them over his waist and to his ankles. I made him sit on the couch. His dick was about 7 inches long, circumcised and thick. I spit on it and started stroking it up and down. “Mmmm,” He moaned.

I moved in closer and licked the tip of his dick.

“Rachel you don’t have to … you know,” He said.

I just ignored him. Truthfully I was getting into it.  I had never had sex but I thought about it. And I always knew I would be interested in giving my guy a blowjob. The girls talked about it all the time. I was licking his shaft and head and sucking as best as I could. I could tell I was doing a good job from his reaction. Finally I felt him tense up but I was determined to make him cum. I looked him straight in the eyes and he came in my mouth.

I let the cum slip out of my mouth and onto his cock. I stroked him some more with the cum now acting like lube. I thought it felt so nice to do that to his cock.

A minute passed and he sat with his eyes closed just breathing.

“Wow that was great. So much better than doing it myself. I have to repay you. What can I do?” He asked

“Well I am a little wet and horny.” I said shyly.

“No need to tell me twice.” His fingers gripped the edge of my shorts and panties down to my ankles to expose my wet horny pussy

“Better than I imagined.”

He made me sit on the couch and spread my legs. He fingered me a little, playing with my clit. Then he stuck his tongue out and took a long lick. I trembled under his touch. I couldn’t believe what I was letting him do. I was such a slut… and I liked it.

He was trying his best to lick and probe. I never imagined it would feel so good. My pussy ground against his lips as my left hand held the back of his head in closer to my wet sex.

I could tell he was tasting a woman for the first time. My legs came together and my body started shaking.

“Ahh!” I screamed. By the time I was done cumming he was hard again. I looked him in the eyes.

“That was so good.”

My legs were spread apart with him poised between them. He moved up and got his body closer to mine, his cock heading for my pussy.  My brain said no but my pussy said yes. I put my hand on his chest to stop him.

“You don’t want to?” he asked.

“Yeah I do, but not here.” I said. “I know we are alone in the house but I would feel better if we were in your room.”

“As long as you’re sure.”

“I am ” I said. “Just do not cum in me”

He leaned in and landed his lips on mine. His kiss was powerful and I never realized how strong he was. His body pressed on mine. I felt his erection just around my pussy though he made no attempt to put it in. At that point, he could have just pushed it in and I would have not said anything.

He got up and took both my hands and pulled me to my feet.  And we made our way to his bedroom. Along the way, he would stop and kiss me up against the wall. As we passed the bathroom.  I pulled him in and took a washcloth and cleaned off his cock. Each time I touched it, it reacted and this fascinated me. I kissed it. “cute penis” I said and he let out that almost imperceptible moan.


In his bedroom he grasped my top and pulled it over my head.

“I have been wanting to see these for forever,” He said talking about my tits.

I giggled.

“Wow, they are so beautiful Rach.”

He kissed each one and told me he would work on them later.

He hugged me and I fell backward onto his bed with him on top of me. Then Jared pushed his hard cock between my tight virgin pussy lips. I gasped out. I never had sex before.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle.”

A little at a time he pushed into me until he broke my hymen. I was officially not a virgin anymore. What a mind blowing feeling. His dick was in me for a minute as my pussy adjusted. It was very tight and I had him just keep it there for a while. I gave him the go sign and he started slowly thrusting. It did hurt a little at first, being stretched out more than my vagina had ever before. The pain quickly got replaced with pleasure and he started to thrust faster and faster.

“Mmmm,” I moaned. “That feels so good” I said as if I felt tears might come.

He started moving at a faster pace, his cock going into me and the bed we were on was shaking.

“Fucking god yess!” Jared screamed.

“Your cock feels so good!”

He pulled out and I wondered what he was doing. He flipped me over on my hands and knees as his cock plunged into my soaking wet pussy with ease fucking me doggie style.

“I’m gonna cummm!!!” Jared yelled.

“Don’t cum inside of me!”

He quickly pulled out and shot his load on my tits and all over my body. I felt his warm cum landing on my ass and back. Then we both collapsed on the bed. We were both breathing hard and smiling. He brought me to his lips and kissed me.

“I love you Rachel.”

“I love you too,” I said.

And so began a relationship that lasted a year. But that’s another story.